Ticat sign 2 QBs, cut 5 players.

As in Buck Pierce? He's just as much a scrambling QB as the guys on the Ticats roster. I think Pierce and Porter are much more alike than Pierce and Boltus.

But I suspect for Cortez, it is not a matter of "who is our starter today, and let's get similar players to back him up". I believe that as a matter of offensive philosophy, Cortez is convinced that you need a mobile quarterback in the CFL. Even if Burris was not already the de facto starter, I think Cortez would be looking for a way to have a mobile QB starting for us. It stands to reason that he would want to ensure all the quarterbacks on the roster have the potential to excel in the kind of system he thinks a successful CFL offense needs to operate. If that really is where Cortez is coming from, I support it 100%. Even though "going in another direction" is often used as a platitude, I think this is an instance where it is an entirely apt description of the situation.

Cortez knows quarterbacking, and he knows the CFL. When BC comes to town, watch closely and see whether he doesn't get a tear in his eye when Travis Lulay is on the field.

By my count there are THREE(!) defensive ends listed on the roster right now. Greg Peach, who had six sacks in his rookie season in 2009 with EDM, but has had a few injuries over the past couple seasons that have slowed him down, Darius Powell, who played one game as a rookie last year, and Marc-Antoine, a NI rookie (who is just listed as a "DL", but his size indicates that he would be an end). There's a couple of LB that they could convert to pass-rushing ends, too, I suppose. Patrick Jean-Mary and Alex Joseph both have the size to play end, but neither has any experience in the CFL. And I could see Frederick Plesius being converted to end once he signs, as well.


There's no guarantee that Crable would have been a successful pass rusher, but right now it seems that any pressure coming from our front four would be a pretty big surprise, outside of MAYBE Greg Peach.

This is one of the great things about training camp though. I'm sure by the time camp rolls around there will be some young blood added, and sometimes players who are unknown to us prove to be difference makers. Of course it's better to have solid veterans returning, but it's not as if the front office is oblivious to the gaps. Be concerned, sure, but name recognition going into camp isn't everything.

Here's a fun old post from 2009 camp:

... Positives On Defense [snip]

#95 - DL - Justin Hickman - Ladies and Gentleman, we have a potential starter on our hands here. Hickman was really playing great out there today. If he can keep improving the way he has been playing we could have a great D-Lineman on our hands. He reads the play very well, stuffs his man in the whole. He was containing on run plays, and even read a play fake to hand off and stopped the running back 3 yards in the backfield. He was also great in the passing game, on one play he dominated his man and knocked down a pass from Quinton Porter.

Not to say every no-name will turn into an all-star, but most of them were no-names to us at some point...

This is what i was saying, Cortez knows what type of offence he wants and Boltus doesn't fit that discription.

Botlus will do fine else where. :cowboy:

It's not the name recognition so much that I'm worried about right now, it's more the shortage of guys they have on the roster at the moment that could come in and compete for the spot in training camp. They still have a ton of roster spots open (looks like they have 64 guys under contract, and they're allowed up to 75 during the offseason, and 68 for the start of camp) so I'm sure they're actively looking for someone right now.

I guess I'm just more worried about that position for the immediate future than I am about who our 3rd string quarterback is, with all due respect to Jason Boltus.

Con-grads to Jason Boltus who has signed with the Spokane Shock football team! So happy that Jason has found a new home so quick! All the best to Jason and I know we will see him back in the CFL real soon!

Wow that is a Shock!!