Ticat sign 2 QBs, cut 5 players.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that the team has signed import quarterbacks Tate Forcier and Sedrick Harris.

NIP DE Ivan Brown
IMP QB Jason Boltus
IMP DE Shawn Crable
NIP LB Kyle Jones
NIP LS Neil Puffer

surprised about the release of Boltus, as I had surmised the Cats would keep him for another year for development analysis...
The additions of QB's Forcier and Harris may have partly effectuated the rationale for his release.
good luck to him in future endeavors.

I'm pretty surprised to see Shawn Crable go. The media made a quasi-big deal about him when he signed. Guess there must be sufficient pass-rush help elsewhere on the roster right now. Because lets not kid ourselves, that's a much bigger need than quarterback right now.

Crable was the only hope of a pass rush on the DLINE

What is going on ? I guess this guy wants another crack at the NFL ?
Is it possible we let him go ?

We are very weak in the trenches right now
No pass rush and not giving Burris protection spealls disaster !!

Boltus gave his all each and every day, practices and would have been ready to play on a drop of a dime, and he also Bled Black and gold! I wish Jason NOTHING but the best, and I know another CFL team will pick you up! I think you where the diamond in the rough and the Cats made a huge mistake in releasing you! I telling you all right now, this isn't the last you heard of Jason Boltus! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING YOU DID JASON FOR YOUR TEAM AND YOUR FANS! :rockin:

I second this comment 100% BEST OF LUCK JASON!!!!!!!!!! OUR LOST!

I'ts always sad to see players cut. It's a business, but not an easy one.

Jason B was a Ticat for a while, I thought he might be a QB of the future for us, I guess the coaches felt otherwise.

Best of luck to him and the other players released, in football and other endeavours.

QB of the future? In 3 years, 2 on PR and 1 on roster, he really didn't do anything. The coaches didn't like what they saw in practice that would make him the future starting QB.

For whatever reason, Ticat fans think that any #3 QB here is going to be the starting QB because they don't like Porter. Porter is obviously doing something right if he's still here and Trafalis and Boltus couldn't wrestle it away from him.

Of all the QBs we have cut, Trafalis, Chang, Mustain, Shaun King, Richie Williams, etc, etc, who has gone on to burn us in the last 10 years???? No one.

How about Printers, he burned us 3 years ago, as far as Boltus, at least he could get the ball to the receiver and not overthrown like most of Porters passes! He was never given a chance in a real game, face it, he gave 4 years to the cats!

Printers burned us for 1 game and where is he now? In the arena league throwing to T.O.

If he was never given a chance what does that tell you? He wasn't that good. People, you have to deal with that!

The only reason they got rid of Boltus is because he is not a scrambler. they want QB's with the same MO. So they
don't have to change their offence to suit the QB, if the QB goes down.

THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BOLTUS'S PLAY. He has a better background in college football than the new QB's. :thdn:

Do they want a QB that can throw the ball though, cuz they kept Porter :expressionless:

Boltus did nothing in 3 years and everyone on this board are defending him like we just cut a five time all star. Leave the player selections up to the pros...they know a lot more about football talent than we do.

I don't think anyone is defending him like he is an all-star. We are just saying that he is a nice kid who tries hard and we wish him all the best. I'm just a little iffy on the new guys that we brought in and am a little surprised we didn't keep Boltus until camp to see what the other guys could (or couldn't) do.

As for Porter, this is his 3rd head coach and he's still here. Maybe they are seeing something that the know-it-alls around here are not.

The only reason I can see for keeping Porter over boltus is that porter is a scrambler and Boltus isn't period.
And the cats are only interested in QB's that are good scramblers. And with the weakness in our O-line I don't
blame them. :cowboy:

Cortez has quite the resume when it comes to coaching quarterbacks, I trust his judgment.

I bet if you were to ask Cortez about the release of Boltus he would say:

"We appreciate everything that Jason has done for the organization and he's a really good kid. But we feel that we need to go in a different direction." :stuck_out_tongue:

EXACTLY!....That is what I was saying . He doesn't fit Cortez's offence. Which requires a scrambling QB.

Boltus would be fine with a drop back style of offence. So good luck to him ! :cowboy:

I don't think that's what Krisiun was implying. I think the suggestion was that when a player gets released, coaches inevitably spout platitudes about how the player in question is a good kid, and how the organization just wanted to 'move in a different direction.' That's just footballese for, "I don't think much of this player." :wink:

I disagree, But only Cortez knows. But he is looking for something totally different than Boltus. In other words if he
was starting Priece at QB, he would have let go Porter and kept Boltus. Thats just the way he is going with
scrambling QB's :cowboy: