Ticat Sick Bay Filling Up

8) Doubtfull starters for tomorrow night include, Rodriguez, Dyakowski, Beswick, McIntrye,and Adams.
 Airese Curry is likely to replace Prechae, with Sasha Glavic filling in for Beswick.

 Simeon Rottier will start in place of Dyakowski.

 Another change will likely see import DB Lamont Reid come on to the active roster in place of 

 CB Lawrence Gordon !!!

Rodriguez we can live without for now, McIntyre and Adams we have been living without, Dyakowski's a loss though so let's see if Rottier can step up. I'm also in favor of Lamont Reid starting over Gordon.

8) Ooops, sorry, I corrected his name !!

Thanks Dr. "I'm a doctor, not a magician" Tip! LOL

I hope all the subs stomp the Stamps!

Oski Wee Wee,


What's wrong with PRod?

After his drop last week, taking the night off would have been justified for Gordon if the opponent wasn't Calgary.

I remember seeing Rodriguez getting hurt in the argo game but I thought he came back and played most of the game.

yeah I saw that too when he came out they were looking at his leg and then he came back into the game I'm wondering what's wrong with him