TiCat Shuttle Info/Advice

Does anyone have info or experience using the University Mall shuttle?

I normally use the Limeridge Mall shuttle but I’ll be downtown today so was hoping to catch the U Mall shuttle. It’s supposed to stop for fan pickup at Main and John.

Anyone know or used it re frequency of buses, if they’re usually full by that stop, etc?

Taking my daughter and her husband for their first game so hope to make it to the game on time :slight_smile:

Any info or advice would be appreciated.

Yes, it stops at Main and John, and there is usually lots of room on the early shuttles. Going back it will be full, and will stop around John and King.

We usually get the first or second shuttle out of University and it takes around 30+ minutes to the stadium, so maybe 15+ minutes to John?

If you go to the HSR website, it has more details.

Thanks Palmer...

I did visit the HSR site and saw the info but I was looking for someone who had actual experience with the University shuttle and you provided that.

Enjoy the game :slight_smile: