Ticat schedule for Palm

Hey, Ticats: thanks for providing the schedule in a e-calendar format, even if it's not vcal!

For those of us who still use Palm devices running Desktop 4.0 or higher, here is a remarkable application that will convert the Ticat schedule that is now available in Apple/Outlook format (ical) to the Palm standard (vcal). It will then install it into your Palm calendar. Takes about thirty seconds.


  1. download the ical file to your computer, from http://www.ticats.ca/schedule/year/2010/6
  2. go to http://graphics.tudelft.nl/~cpbotha/cgi-bin/ical2vcal.cgi
  3. in the open box, enter the ical file's location on your computer
  4. press "convert to vcal"
  5. if you are asked "open with Palm Desktop" or "calendar," reply yes