Ticat Scarves available on Labour Day!

Thanks to the incredible help of the Tiger-Cats, I am very pleased to announce that there will be
Hamilton Tiger Cat limited edition scarves available at the Labour Day pregame celebration in Lot J. :rockin:

The Ticats have teamed up with CFL Fans Fight Cancer, and will donate a portion of the proceeds from all the scarves sold to the Wellwood Cancer Resource Centre in Hamilton. CFL Fans Fight Cancer will have the exclusive launch of the scarves at our tailgate party in Lot J.

Come by the CFL Fans Fight Cancer tailgate tent in Lot J and be the first in Hamilton and some of the first in Ivor Wynne Stadium to wear and wave your Ticat colours while cheering on our team. All the while knowing that you've helped individuals and their families cope with and overcome this terrible disease!

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats and CFL Fans Fight Cancer...helping Hamilton tackle cancer with a vengeance!

Thanks again Ticats...see you on Labour Day!

That's great news Jare!! Looking forward to buying and proudly wearing a scarf!! :rockin:

Do you have any pictures?

No pictures yet, I'm picking them up for our Lot J tailgate table next week.
I'll post some pictures when I get them. :rockin:

I'll be picking one up regardless, but are these full on scarves or one of those mini-towels that we had during the playoffs last year.

Are they different from these ones?

[url=http://store.ticats.ca/product.php?productid=845&cat=149&page=1]http://store.ticats.ca/product.php?prod ... 149&page=1[/url]

That's a good question...I know they are full on scarves, they may be the ones. I haven't seen them yet!
Thanks for looking that up.
They look great if that's them!
Regardless of the heat, you can wave them for every touchdown.

While having lived in Hamilton all of my life (54+ years), I am unsure of exactly where Lot J is. :oops:

Will someone kindly explain where it is? :slight_smile:

I want one so bad!How much will they be charging?

I want one so bad!How much will they be charging?

I want one so bad!How much will they be charging?

No need to explain. click here..


Great idea to support the Tiger Cats. One question - Why a winter scarve at the end of summer? Why not a Tiger Towel?

Thanks for the great response everyone, the first thing I want to tell you is this is a limited run. We have only 1500 scarves and once they are gone they are gone. We will have at least 250 scarves at the CFL Fans Fight Cancer Tailgate the morning of the Labour Day Classic, and we welcome you to join us in Lot J (aka Scott Park ball diamonds) 3 hours before the game. Come, enjoy the live music, get your scarf and a bite at our Tailgate tent.

Why the scarf and not the towel: Simple a scarf you can use all season.
We went with the scarf because it not only keeps you warm during fall and winter games and you can show you're a Ticat fan by wearing it outside of any clothing It's a great banner to wave when the Cat's make a great play during any game in the year.

Warm weather games put it on your lap so it's ready for the next big play in the winter it rests nicely around your neck waiting for the same thing. Oakee Wee Wee!

Personally, I love the scarfs, I did a similar fundraiser with the Toronto Rock two years ago and again the scarves went over huge. I'm really glad the Ticats have backed this idea by funding and manufacturing the scarves and agreeing to donate a portion of the proceeds to Wellwood. They didn't have to do this and it really helps. BTW: Cost of the Ticat Charity scarf is $25

When you think about it fans of different sports from around the world have been wearing scarves for probably over a hundred years, it's a great idea and we're just taking it and making it ours with our colours and the tassles on the ends representing our claws!

Thanks again for the enthusiasm everyone and we'll see you Labour Day! :rockin:

Jare, great stuff, kudos man, Wellwood is super. :thup:
Man, I just have to get my other half into going to games earlier, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :x

At least she likes going to the games at any rate.

Thanks Earl, I'm sure the scarves will be available up until a 30 mins before game time.

Make sure you come by and say hello :thup: .

Cant wait to get 1, to add to my collection of Ti-Cat memorbilia!
Thanks so much for a great cause and a great collectable! :rockin:

Our plan is to all meet up at Scott Park so I'll mention it to our group.

A great cause.

Why not have the Ti cats give every fan a TERRIBLE TOWEL for this classic game? :wink:

This is an initiative the Ticats are taking up to help CFL Fans Fight Cancer support the Wellwood Cancer Resource Centre in Hamilton. It's an idea the Cats and I have been working on for a year and given that there's only 1500 scarves, maybe we can do the towels too.

The towels are a great idea but we want to help Wellwood with a donation and
do one little thing to contribute to the game day experience. The scarves can do

Maybe next year we could do Tiger Cat Toonie Tiger Towels?

See everyone in Lot J before the game!
Look for the CFL Fans Fight Cancer banner, that's where you'll find your scarf!
See ya there.