OT Alexandre Gauthier
OT Luke Fritz,Gerald Davis
OG Cedric Gagne Marcoux, George Hudson, Mike Abou-Mechrek
C Marwan Hage

Receivers: Willie Quinnie, Earnest Jackson, Eddie Cohen, Prechae Rodriguez, Chris Davis, Scott Mitchell, Chris Bauman, Jo Jo Walker

RB: Terry Caulley, Kenton Keith, Tre Smith
FB: Robert Pavlovic

QB: Quinton Porter, Richie Williams, Adam Tafralis and either Kevin Glenn or Marcus Crandell

K: Nick Setta


DE: Brandon Guillory, Tom Canada
DT: Cory Mace, Darrell Adams, Matt Kirk, Jermaine Reid

LB: Otis Floyd, Markeith Knowlton, Ray Mariuz
MLB: Cameron Siskowic, Agustin Barrenchea
CB: Jykine Bradley, Geoff Tisdale, Lawrence Gordon(backup)
DB: Chris Thompson, Dwaine Carpenter, Rontarius Robinson, Bo Smith, Alan Zemaitis
S: Dylan Barker, Sandy Beveridge

what does everyone think of this group of players for this year??

Not bad I guess outside of the fact you have guys that arent on the team on the roster and too many non imports starting.

I do think there will be all imports at linebacker unless Barker isnt read to start. Keith will start at running back. Bauman will be the fifth receiver when the fullback is out or he'll come in if there are two imports at tailback. There will be an import at RT unless Dyakowski or pick from this year can start at RT which would then put an import at another position (maybe safety instead of Barker).

It will be interesting to see what happens between now and when camp ends. I think Haley could be a good prospect at DE and Im sure Obie will be looking to bring in Import talent to fight for a few Roster spots at Corner, DL, RT and maybe WR.

On that note, do we regard Bauman as a bust at this point? The inconsistency and lack of continuity at quarterback and in offensive schemes hasn't helped his performance any. But for someone who is supposed to have tremendous physical gifts, he hasn't delivered a whole lot on the field. He's shown flashes since his rookie year, but hasn't been a major factor for us. Do we blame the offensive philosophy that was installed by Charlie?

No I wouldnt call him a bust at all. Typically, it takes about 3 years for a receiver to grasp an offence. Baumans number increased fairly well between his first and second year. Lack of continuity behind centre would be a problem for any receiver.

Just with the ratio where it is I can see him being the fifth receiver. He'll be on the field a lot as many teams deploy 5 receiver sets quite often.

You honestly see Tom Canada in Hamilton? Has he changed his mind about coming here? Would he be accepted? He's a pant load. Way too much baggage. Even my relatives in Winnipeg say so.

There is no reason we can't start 2 CDN receivers (Rempel lined up wide to the field, and Bauman in the slot). Rempel out there gives us wiggle room with the ratio. Then with Gauthier, Marcoux, Hage and Hudson on the O-Line, we already have 6 CDN starters on offence alone.

Sadeghian at FB instead of Pavlovic. And either Sadeghian or Rempel at the other tight end spot when we are in a 2 TE formation.

Linebackers I'd prefer to have Mariuz on the field than Siskowicz, so I'd try Floyd in the middle. I know people don't like moving players from their natural positions, but it worked in MTL with Hunt, so I'd atleast try it. Plus Mariuz helps with the ratio, and then we aren't depending on Barker, a rookie who hasn't played football since the fall of '07 (save 2 pre-season games), to start.

The secondary looks pretty strong with Thompson, Robinson, Tisdale, Bradley, Zamaitis, Barker, Beveridge, etc. Plus Marshall's system won't demand nearly as much of them.

We still need a defensive tackle and a pure pass rusher... Claybrooks would be a quick fix inside, but Obie must have something else in mind.

You have to start seven non-imports right?

If so, then I get the feeling it will be:

1 Defensive Tackle (Matt Kirk or Jermaine Reid)
1 Weak Side Linebacker (Ray Mariuz or Auggie Barrenechea)
4 Offensive Linemen (Gauthier, Gagne-Marcoux, Hage, Hudson)
1 Fullback (Robert Pavlovic) or 1 Wide Receiver (Chris Bauman)

And that will be it, and there won't be more than 7. Obie has stated it himself that he will always try to start the minimum non-imports because he wants every import player he signs to have the talent and ability to start.

I don't see Dylan Barker starting anytime soon considering he hasn't play in a CFL regular season game before. And most coaches admit it takes about 2 - 3 seasons for players to make the adjustment from the CIS to the CFL. And I am not counting on Corey Mace being in camp just because of his age and his want to give the NFL another shot. But if he comes to camp then that would with the defensive line depth and rotation.

The good thing is, it looks like the Ticats have great non-import depth, so they aren't in as bad a position as some teams are when injuries inevitably occur during the course of the season.

  • paul

Paullywood, I agree with you about not starting more than 7, and not starting Barker because he is so inexperienced. However, I think it will be Sadeghian at FB, and I think Rempel will start at the field wide receiver. Coaches GM's basically try to "hide Canadians" which is to put them at positions where they don't have much impact on the game, because its better to put imports at those positions so they can have the most positive impact. That's just the way it is. Its better to put a CDN at the filed wide receiver than at D-tackle or OLB because that position has the least effect on the outcome of the game...

I think paulywood has it about right.

If Barker is able to start, or if Mace arrives, we would have great flexibility re the ratio elsewhere.

I don't want Canada under any circumstances.

I'm not sure about Rempel's ability at receiver, and I don't agree that WR is a place to "hide" a Canadian.

I agree totally with the sentiment that coaches try to "hide" non-imports, but personally I think having a non-import veteran at defensive tackle and/or WLB has less of an impact on the game than starting a relatively unproven non-import receiver, not to mention the fact that you are choosing Rempel over Chris Bauman.

You'll notice that the WLB and DT positions are predominately run support positions, so any negative impact is further reduced since we all know the CFL is a passing league.

But I see your point, I just happen to disagree a little bit that's all!

  • paul

Actually I would put Bauman in the slot and Rempel to the field wideout. 2 CDN receivers gives us lots of ratio options (providing we have 1 good CDN to back them up). I do agree with you regarding a veteran DT or OLB vs. an inexperienced receiver. We'll see what the coaches do.

Well regardless of whether or not it is Rempel, look for a CDN lined up wide to the field. I'm pretty sure every team does it.

Jackson in BC, Nowacki in EDM, Ralph in CAL, Bagg in SK, Stoddard in WPG, Woodcock for us last year (Rempel when Woodcock was hurt) Scott in TO, Desriveaux in MTL

Tabbie Tracker said..field wide receiver

I believe he means the Wide Receiver
who sets up on the wide side of the field

Players playing that position can, in a sense, be 'hidden'
because very few passes are thrown way out there

because of the high risk of them being intercepted.

That position is a good one for an exceptionally talented
young Canadian receiver to get some game experience.


I see that Tabbie Tracker just confirmed
that Canadians are used out there often.

I am not arguing that, in fact, if you'll notice, I put Bauman out there on passing downs when Pavlovic, or whoever is the FB, isn't needed.

I just think it's a bit of a mistake to try to "hide" a player on offense in a league where passing and offensive football are the keys to success. Especially when you have more proven veteran non-import commodities on the defensive side of the ball.

Did Rempel do something I didn't see last year that would warrant him in the starting lineup ahead of Bauman?

I am just wondering.

The question really is:

Is Chad Rempel a better wide receiver than Ray Mariuz/Auggie Barrenechea are at linebacker or Matt Kirk/Jermaine Reid are at defensive tackle?

Please forgive me if I am surprised if Rempel is one of the starting receivers come opening day. I just think the Ticats need to start the best players possible on offense and not focus on trying to "hide" people at this point.

  • paul

Paullywood, my thought is that I would start Bauman and Rempel in 5 receiver sets, with our current 4 Canadian O-linemen and Gerald Davis at OT, which is 6 offensive CDN starters, and then insert one CDN where you'd like on D. I would hope that it would be Mariuz a WLB, but that's just my opinion.

Regarding whether we'd rather see Rempel out there than Mariuz/Barrenechea or Kirk/Reid my vote would be no against Mariuz/Barrenecha, yes against Kirk/Reid, but I think the important thing is that the field wide receiver just doesn't get thrown to. How many catches did Woodcock have last year? Its just the way the CFL is. So my vote would be to "hide" Rempel out there and put the likes of Claybrooks at DT and put a veteran import at safety with Mariuz at WLB.

I would prefer to have as many playmakers in the game as possible. I would much rather have two non-imports on D and five on O. Meaning all imports at WR in a two back set and bring a non import in for a five receiver set.

If you want to hide a non import dont have non import two receivers on the field when you could put one on the DL have have one receiver out there(Mace, Kirk, Ried and Mariuz or Barker).

Not starting Bauman now doesn't make sense at all. He is just starting to become an impact receiver. He will start for us at slot for the next 5-7 years if we are lucky enough to sign him to an extension.

I Rather go with Amercian at Skill spots on Offence WR SB HB QB

Start 5 Candiains OL and Barker at S and Ray OLB

How about 5 Canadians on the O-Line, Barker at safety, and Bauman at slot. That would allow us to play an import at Mariuz's spot.

Interesting... Does that mean you'd prefer Barker at safety over Mariuz at WLB, for example? Or Dyakowski at RT instead of Rempel at field WR? etc etc