TiCat roster moves today

I think you are right, with the injuries he will get a lot of playing time, especially with the ratio issues.

Some interesting stats here on injuries:

[url=http://3downnation.com/2015/09/02/age-experience-injuries-cfl-rosters-august-31st-2015/]http://3downnation.com/2015/09/02/age-e ... 31st-2015/[/url]
Injury List Games Lost, the two most depleted rosters appear to be Hamilton and Montreal as they have lost 54% and 38% more man-games than the league averages, respectively. The healthiest teams, or ones with the least amount of games lost due to injury, are British Columbia and Winnipeg with 44% and 41% less man-games-lost, respectively.

Here’s an idea at the start of a new month. Wouldn’t this be a great opportunity for you to focus on your political interests and maybe take a break from posting on Ticat forums?

Okay let's post the story from a "neo-Liberal" view -- the Spec, how's that? same story different paper.

[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports-story/5824042-four-more-key-ticats-on-the-injured-list/]http://www.thespec.com/sports-story/582 ... ured-list/[/url]

I noticed during sarm-ups at the last game that C.O. Prime is a very large guy, (255 lbs.) and plays fullback. With Grigsby at 195 and Holley at 200, why not give this guy the ball. With some amount of blocking, (I'm sure someone on the team can block) this guy would run down or over most defenders. He seemed fairly fast and agile during the warm-ups and with the way the offense is going, how could it hurt?

Was just looking at the bios of the three players added to the PR on Tuesday.

Wingo (RB) is 6'3" 231 lb! He should be able to break some tackles. Hopefully he can block (of course we don't know when/if we'll see him on the field)

The DB Chapman if from Michigan but qualifies as a national.

Mensah (NAT LB) was released by the OTTRBs in June. They've released a player or two who went on to play REALLY well for another CFL team (see Rogers, Eric)

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The Wingo ate my baby..6'3 231 that's a big back. Can't seem to find any stats on him though.

Read this week about a little change, this year, regarding the expansion of CFL practice rosters. Last season, there was a 30-day window set (Oct. 6 - Nov 4) when the maximum number of PR players was expanded from 10 to 15. This year, each team can choose when to start its 30-day period anytime after the final NFL cut deadline, which is this Saturday, Sept. 5th. The latest start date a team could choose would be around the (CDN) Thanksgiving weekend, as the 30 day period must conclude by the end of the regular season. The change was made to allow teams to work the expanded period around their second schedule bye weeks.

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Agreed, we all want to come on here and get away from talking about politics, talking football is one thing that unites all Ticat fans, politics split fans and turns people against each other............ :thdn: besides it's nasty stuff he's saying.
I agree he should be banned

Well, at least some good news on the injury front today. Donald Washington has been added to the active roster after being removed from the 6-game injury list. Punter Hugh O'Neill, as probably expected , was moved to the 1-game injury list.

Good, I don't want to see Gainey on the field.