TiCat roster moves today

4 big names to the 6 game :cry:
Thankful we have depth on "D"

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club announced a series of transactions today.

The following players have been added to the active roster:
INT – WR – Junior Collins
INT – DB – Ed Gainey
INT – LB – Dan Molls

The following players have been added to the practice roster:
INT – RB – Ronnie Wingo
NAT – DB – Jarret Chapman
NAT – LB – Louis Mensah

The following players have been added to the six-game injured list:
INT – DE – Eric Norwood
INT – DB – Johnny Sears Jr.
NAT – DB – Mike Daly
NAT – LB – Byron Archambault

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 5m5 minutes ago
There’s more #Ticats injury news: P Hugh O’Neill, DE Justin Hickman & OL Ryan Bomben not practicing today. No @BGrant84 either. #CFL

Moe Khan ?@MoeKhan19 8m8 minutes ago

Could be argued the #Ticats players on IR can beat some #CFL teams.

Not good.

Hopefully Tracy can fill in adequately for Norwood.

Even though he's not on the 6-game, I'm most concerned about Bomben, whose absence left our offence quite weak last game. If he's not ready by Monday I wonder if we need to tinker with the ratio somewhere else on the roster and get Brian Simmons out there? I believe he plays guard as well as tackle. If Zach is on his back all game it really doesn't matter what else we may be planning.

Just saw a tweet from another fan who thinks we have enough guys on the 6-game to field a team of all-stars!
To that I'll add - Just missing a QB (THANK GOODNESS!)

Really frustrating to just get Sears back and lose him again as well as losing Norwood after just a few games. Archabault a big loss on STs and Daly as well. He was making his presence felt as a starter as well.

This has been bugging me for a couple of days at least. Don't know if anyone saw the hit that took Norwood out but I thought I heard (possibly in commentary somewhere) that it was a chop block (not saying it was). IF it was, then considering that hit that he laid on Cato in that sack, have to wonder if the Larks OL deliberately tried to get some pay back for taking their QB out of the game. Cato may play this week - Norwood definitely will NOT. Just speculation here but would be interesting to hear what others heard or saw.

Cato's injury appeared to be due to him stubbing his toe, more than the hit from Norwood. But the Als players wouldn't have known that at the time.

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 4m4 minutes ago
One more bit of #Ticats injury news: @PeterDyakowski isn't practicing, either...

That it I'm done

If Dyakowski and Bomben are out - then we do indeed have a problem. But it's only Tuesday so plenty of days to heal before Monday.

OUCH!!! Losing both Pete and Ryan puts a couple of HUGE holes in the OL but hopefully he is just getting some extra time to rest/heal and will be ready for Monday. Our national depth is definitely being tested this season!

This is why O'Neil (the OL one) and Rice were kept around.

As Drew say the Ticats having problems just trying to maintain the Canadian ratio.

It’s not just who’s injured, it’s where they’re from.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have been decimated by injuries the last few weeks, not only robbing them of some significant talent but severely impacting their Canadian depth. In a league where national players make up nearly half the roster – including seven starters – that poses a serious challenge heading into Monday’s key Labour Day match up with the Argonauts.

The Ticats added four players to the six-game injured list on Tuesday. American defensive end Eric Norwood and defensive back Johnny Sears as well as Canadian safety Mike Daly and linebacker Byron Archambault. Norwood, Sears and Daly all started last week in the loss to Montreal while Archambault is a key special teams contributor.

It gets worse. Two starting Canadian offensive lineman, guards Peter Dyakowski and Ryan Bomben, missed practice on Tuesday, as did national punter Hugh O’Neill. The team’s other starting defensive end, Justin Hickman, and another Canadian special teamer (Beau Landry) also sat out.

Nor do reinforcements appear to be on the way: running backs C.J. Gable and Anthony Woodson, as well as receivers Andy Fantuz and Bakari Grant still aren’t practicing.

For the moment, the Ticats do not appear to be changing their ratio. Veteran Tim O’Neill and Landon Rice were at the guard spots on Tuesday, while Craig Butler was back at his usual spot at safety.

At defensive end, Adrian Tracy was in for Norwood while Canadian Arnaud Gascon-

[url=http://3downnation.com/2015/09/01/with-key-labour-day-game-on-the-horizon-ticats-decimated-by-injuries/]http://3downnation.com/2015/09/01/with- ... -injuries/[/url]

Worst case if Dyakowski is out also...

Start Arnaud Gascon-Nadon at DE, and insert Simmons (he was stellar at G last season) and O'Neil as the starters; with Rice as the backup G.

Both Simmons and Rice have been on the 1-game IL for ages, so I assume they're good to go.

OK everyone take a DEEP breath - according to Pete's Twitter response to Drew - he is just taking a "vet" day - he IS NOT injured. Not a bad idea to let the backups take some reps in case they are needed to step up. Don't know if this applies to Bomben too but hopefully it does.

Luckily The argos pass rush isn't something to be too worried about so far this season.....they're dead last as a defense in passing yards given up. Also, they're dead last in rushing on O, they only rush 69 yards per game, but we're not much further with 71 rush YPG. I still think our O and D lines have a competitive advantage, even with some injuries, over the argos.

Ok, so who is the player who is done for the year? This was "speculated" on the 6 p.m. CHCH news. My guess is Johnny Sears Jr. Maybe Sr. can replace him. :cowboy:

On RDS they did say that Bryan Archambault will need a surgery and is done for the year. Archambault spoke on the phone and I understood that the injury will be performed in Montreal.


It's too bad about Mike Daly and Eric Norwood out as both have been playing well. I'm sure Tracy will be a good fill in for Norwood and hope Butlers health is back to 100% or close to it.

Is Grigsby able to play? I know much of our running backs have been injured but we have to establish a balanced game attack on offence of run and pass. Holley isn't cutting it on his own at 150 yards in total after nine games, silly stat to have on the front page of the Cats web site, should be more like a RB with 750 yards after nine games.

We have Woodson the Canadian RB, we have Prime the Canadian Full-Back use them, let's get some yards going and provide good blocking for Collaros especially if we have lost someone like Bomben or further injuries on the offensive line.


Tough break if Archambault is done for the season as he has been a very key special teams player :frowning:

Woodson has been on the 6 game IR for the past few weeks. Not sure if he went down at the same time as Gable or a bit later so unfortunately he is not an option just now.
Our Canadian depth has really taken a beating this season especially with Bulcke, Gaydosh and Watt who didn't even make it to week 1!

Plesius needs to be utilized more.
I'd like him at DE ala Montford.
He is the same size, has a mean streak, & more than helps with the ratio.
With these injuries his time is now.

The team has to keep it's fingers crossed that no one goes down in the game on Monday, there are very few back ups anywhere.
At least Medlock can step up and can punt as good as O'Neil, Medlock can step in as a DB too I think.

[url=http://www.calgarysun.com/2015/09/01/its-a-very-very-long-injury-list-for-tiger-cats]http://www.calgarysun.com/2015/09/01/it ... tiger-cats[/url]

So you defend sportsnet, and then you show that you read sun media drivel... which says everything I need to know about you. I'm shocked that a neocon has any interest in something Canadian like the CFL. I bet you like the NFL more, right?