Ticat reminisce

Dear fellow Ticat fans,

I would like to express my enthusiasm for the upcoming season, which I believe will be filled with positive changes. Despite not being a frequent poster here, I am genuinely excited for what lies ahead. From a personnel and coaching standpoint, I strongly believe that our team has the potential to become the best in the league.

Moreover, I recently came across some old Ticat footage on YouTube, specifically a game from 2019 that holds great significance for me. I vividly remember spending a beautiful evening at a cottage with limited internet access, anxiously trying to follow the BC Lion - Ticat game. Initially, it seemed like our team was destined for defeat, trailing 34-19 in the fourth quarter. However, upon reconnecting to the internet, I was thrilled to discover that our team had staged an incredible comeback, securing a 35-34 victory. The moment when I saw the score on my iPhone will forever be etched in my memory. Revisiting these highlights evoked a wave of nostalgic emotions.

On a separate note, I acknowledge that Rod Black may not have been a favorite among many fans due to his commentary, which admittedly irked me at times. Nevertheless, I find myself missing his presence and recognizing his genuine passion for CFL football. Reflecting on this particular game, I genuinely feel the absence of his voice during that period.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my thoughts, my fellow Ticat fans!


Good post. I remember that game well. That season had everything except they Grey Cup.

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Exactly Crash!! There were so many high hopes that year, going 15-3, and actually being the favourites in the Grey Cup!! I don’t ever remember that being the case…haha!!


Great memories! On replay, that Speedy touchdown at the end was VERY close to being incomplete.
After that game I was convinced we were winning the cup.


LOL GiasoneItaliano…listening to the TSN 1040 broadcast from Vancouver (when TSN was active there), they were adamant that he had dropped the ball and it should have been incomplete!!

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Lots of catches by Durant in that game.

Speedy’s big catch could have been called incomplete.

That last play had me very nervous and got me out of my seat for the whole return. Great fun.

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