Ticat Receivers

I don't think it's fair to evaluate any of the ticat receivers with Jason Maas throwing to them. Marcel has shown a complete lack of patience with the revolving door of receivers. Why has he shown so much patience with Maas?
I think Nate Curry has sown an ability to fight for the ball in the past. I just don't think he's getting the ball thrown his way lately. Seems that Brock Ralph is always Maas's first target.


Didn't I just read that post in the Anderson thread?? Close enough.

Maybe it's not fair to assess our QB's based on the receivers they are throwing to. :roll:

Well, not everyone reads every thread, so I wanted to make the point.
Also, sigpig, do you have any other response other than sigh???

No he does not if he disagrees. His insight is numbing

And maybe that's why he was kept and Anderson was released, with McCants ready to get into the lineup.

Read your other thread. That's why the "sigh". Good thing I didn't "sigh" about the very same thing you posted in another thread.

Comment or don't Sig, thats all we ask.

So, crusify me. If a similar point applies to a different topic, why shouldn't I state it. I'd prefer a debate to a one word answer. Maybe you might want to apply for Ken Peters' job at the Spec?

I agree. Maas seems like he can do no wrong with htis coach. Let's get rid of every receiver until we can find some who are experts at catching passes that are behind them, over their heads or floaters that have 'take my head off if I catch this ball' written all over it. I can't believe that the receivers are not saying something about this when they get axed. I find it hard to believe tht you can go from being good on one team to crap on the Tiger-Cats in one season. Maybe it's not the receivers afterall.

I agree. Maas seems like he can do no wrong with htis coach.
Well he has been pulled in a few games so Im not to sure how you come to that conclusion.

He should have been pulled last game too. Maybe we would have had a shot at winning? But, "he was managing the game"...how hard is it to hand off to Jesse?

Because Maas continues to start in spite of his numerous errors that the coach obviously sees since he pulls Maas so often?

Why not start Chang instead and bring Jason in if he falters? That would remove some pressure from Jason's shoulders. He also seems to play better coming off the bench anyways...look at what he did in Edmonton coming in for Ray in the playoffs. He's the reason they made it to the cup.

Jason is running out of new and CFL allstar recievers to make him look bad.