Ticat quizzes

Hey fellow Cat fans,
I'm on a website called Sporcle, which is a website for trivia buffs. I have created 3 Ticat related quizzes for the website. If you'd like to try them, here they are (it's all free).

Can you name the top ten all-time ticat leaders in passing yards since 1950?


Can you name the Hamilton Tiger -Cat all-time leaders in receiving yards?


Can you name the Tiger-Cat all-time leaders in rushing yards?


I'll be creating more Ticat quizzes soon.

Enjoy! Oskee wee wee!

Got all the QBs with 1:21 left.

NEXT: receivers!

This is great fun!


Receivers: Got 'em all with 3:15 left.

Found the running backs a lot harder. Only got 6 out of 10 before time ran out.

Isn't it funny? The Cats have had some memorable receivers and quarterbacks, but we've always been lacking a little in the running backs department haven't we? I can view the results to the quizzes, and after Davis, Cobb and Williams, very few were able to guess the other RBs.