Ticat Quiz

Please take as much time as you need to complete this quiz.

  1. Hamilton's offense makes a big play. It's a Hamilton...
    a) First down
    b) Penalty

  2. The Hamilton's offensive line resembles.
    a) A steel wall
    b) Swiss cheese

  3. The Hamilton receivers have been overheard saying that a football is..
    a) Made of leather
    b) Is an edible substance akin to a hot potatoe.

  4. Armstead is a...
    a) A great receiver, returner.
    b) Lost in Space

5)Tiller and Anderson again are covering a receiver on the corner. The conversation between them is...
b) I thought you had him!!!

  1. When Printers picks himself off the turf the 30th time he says.
    a) ?***!!!
    b) And I only asked for 500k

7)The Hamilton Defensive coach understands that when one of his backs gets burned....
a) The other team has scored a touchdown.
b) He has been playing with matches again.

Okay, now THAT is a clever way to complain.