Ticat QB's

OK I wanna hear everyone's thoughts. Obviously Glenn is the clearcut starter. I think the question is....with all 4 guys coming back from last year, which one of the other 3 guys is the odd-man out. I dont see Boltus being put on the injured list again this year. From what I hear, we quietly shopped Porter around the trade market in the offseason and there was little interest. The club needs to decide if they think Talafaris or Boltus has the bigger upside and let the other one go if they cant dump Porter.

What's everyone think?

Simple. Keep all 4. Boltus goes to the practice squad and continues to develop. Tafralis holds the clipboard and continues to be our 3rd down short yardage guy. Porter is the backup with future starter potential and can play a series or two a game and Glenn starts. Wheres the issue???

you cant have a qb play a series or two a game tho...

If Porter can start reading defenses and getting rid of the ball quicker he can be a real contender. This is were Glen really shows as the starting QB.

pretty much.


The only thing I heard about that was when what's his face was arguing with most of the Ticats forum that we should release Porter because he sucks and probably has zero trade value.That's probably where he got it.

What I hope to see is Glenn in the first four games then Porter starting against the teams that appear to be weaker competition. Porter is the future and the more playing time he gets now, the better things will be when Glenn is gone.

I don't see what others see in Porters. For me he has holes in his vision and is very confused as when to run or pass. He's not comfortable standing in the pocket. He had one great game (against the Als) since rivals have gotten to understand him a little better he's actually regressed. He would get picked up if he was released but teams will not trade for him especially when he is not paid as a development QB. I think if he can't demonstrate during pre-season a measurable improvement in his game, he could be cut.

lets not start this again...

I'm with you on that HfxTC. . . I thought Porter, in 2009, was regressing instead of developing. He'll have to show something in training camp and the exhibition games if he wants to hold on to that #2 spot.

I think you have to see how the QBs do in training camp and in the Exhibition games. Past performance is no guarantee, there have been years when QBs have played well and then cut before the season starts. Some guys lose a step or two in the off season or put weight on or don't keep in shape. Let's see what happens.

It's ridiculous to say give Porter playing time this year. Anyone who says that doesnt know football and what it would do to the team. We're out there to win every effin game we can get untill they don't count for anything. No putting
Porter in for a series or 2, no putting him in games you think are easy wins, just no playing him at all unless it's a blowout or Glenn is injured. Glenn is the present qb and the future.. It better not be another season of lets develop Porter and have the defence burn themselves out to keep us in ball games..

It's a lot more than reading defences, it's also figuring out how defences are scouting him. There could be some flaw he doesnt know that defences are keying in on, or something predictable he's doing, but the biggest thing he needs to work on is just simply hanging onto the ball. his fumbles is what killed us the most late in the year, besides going 2 and out way too often.

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear.Glenn is the present, he IS NOT the future.He’s been around far too long and taken too many injuries to continue more then 2-3 years.And when he goes somebody has to be ready behind him.Porter showed he has the raw talent to get the job done, and that he can be dominant in the CFL.He has 1 bad season which wasn’t even that terrible and everybody wants the guy gone.If things worked that way, there’d be no Kevin Glenn, no Henry Burris, no Darian Durant, no Anthony Calvillo, etc.Patience, the one thing everybody in this city lacks.Yall seem to think star QB’s grow on trees and that if one hasn’t become a star after nearly a year of starting, they must be tossed and definitely have zero trade value.Porter’s vision does need to be developed and his mental game needs to be brought up to speed.Two things he can only get from playing experience every now and then and good coaching.As well as one key ingredient nobody around here wants to give him.Time.

Sorry but Porter had one good game, just like Eakin.

Porter has a laundry list of things he needs to work on more than just vision and reading defences, his pocket awareness is non existant and teams key in on his favorite throw, the 10 yard curl route. And yes star qb's don't grow on tree and hey guess what we have one, his name is Kevin Glenn. We don't need to show patience with a qb who's almost 30, we have a qb.

I agree with you Drexl go with Glenn he is the present and future he is still only 30 years old. He maybe getting old but his composure and maturity showed last year. As a qb ages they may lose the ability to tuck it in and run like they used to, but most see the game at a slower pace and their release gets quicker and make up for what theyve lost with experience. Porter is not the future I personally don’t even think he is the 2nd stringer of the future. Outside 1 game there was not even reason to start him last year. I wonder if he will make it out of camp this year.

Correction, he had one GREAT game and the rest of his were good.The only bad game he had in 08' is when our tissue paper OL kept caving to Cam Wake and crew and Porter ended up getting dropped 10x.But he still got up and he still tried to win it for us.And there's a difference between Porter's 30 years and Glenn's 30 years.Glenn has been playing the past 10 years or so straight, taking hits, wearing down his arm, taking concussion's, at one point even broke his arm.Not to mention he currently has to wear knee braces whenever he plays.Porter's been pretty well out of football his whole career.And it's not because he's garbage.In college he lost the starting job to Matt Ryan, in NFL Europe he lost his job because the league collapsed.So we brought him in as 4th string and he fought his way right to the top.He replaced Printers after yet another injury against Winnipeg and never looked back.He was dominant for the rest of the '08 season.Going into '09 he was still the starter and Glenn was coming off of his broken arm injury so the jury was still out as to whether he could still play.Over the off-season we got a new OC, and QB coach who wanted to fine tune Porter's style from gun slinger to quick releaser and accurate passer.Porter fought through TC and still won the starting job.Now he didn't have a great season by any standards but he didn't have an extremely terrible one either.People forget Glenn played like garbage for most of the season until the MTL game and beyond.Why do you think we had a revolving door of QB's each and every week.While Glenn may be the answer for the next year or two, his body is getting worn down and he's reached the peak of his abilities.Keep Porter as 2nd stringer, give him a few downs every now and then, let the coaches continue to train him.He's got a much more powerful arm, he's taller so he can read the D better once taught, he can run and he can take a hit.What good would releasing Porter do?He definitely has trade value.He has amazing potential, he's not worn down and he's got almost a full season of starting under his belt.Anybody willing to put him 2nd string and wait 1-2 years is gunna get a GREAT QB.Unfortunately nobody here understand's the meaning of "wait" or "patience", you guys are like 2 year old's."I want it!!! I want it and I want it now!!!!!!!!!!!!! :x :x :x "

Glenn is similar in style and body to Damon Allen.
Damon played to 44 so that should give Kevin 13 more seasons.
Glenn is only 30, turns 31 shortly.
Porter turns 28, and Trafalis 27 this year.
QB in the CFL is a position that you can get better at in to your 30's.
As an interesting note our buddy Danny Mac did not become a starter in the CFL until he was.......30

I don't see what was good about any single game from last year. He was really average and relied on the defence to carry the team and wear themselves out while the team was struggling to put drives together or stick the ball in the endzone. Who knows what kind of record we would have had had Glenn started all year, our defence would have been fresher and we would have had more momentum heading into the playoffs, also they probably could have used the last game against the peg to rest guys, instead of stumbling and bumbling into the playoffs.

I'm not giving up on Porter but also i'm not all that sure that the problems in his game are coachable problems. Having creative instincts in the pocket aren't things that are coachable, but he does have the accuracy, arm strength and speed to be great. I just don't want to see them mess with team momentum and moral by playing Porter like they did last year, I know our defence doesn't want to see it and no one else on the team would want it, it sends a horrible message to the team when Marcel treats a meaningfull game like it's preseason and says stuff to the media like 'the easy choice would be to go with Glenn but we have a plan to develop Porter.' Then Marcel wonders why the team went into a tailspin after that.