TiCat QB,s

ANYONE Know of any qb,s the team is looking at, Are they bringing Eakin back,is Maas the starter or will he have to earn it in camp? is williams trade bait or the future??

Mass' job to lose, Eakin and Williams will both be back at camp. Desjardins is looking for another QB 'with CFL experience' to push Maas.

Jason will have a bounce back year this year.

I predict that the Ticats will sign free agent Spergeon Wynn to compete with Maas at training camp. I also think they will bring in five QB's to begin camp: Maas, Wynn, Eakin, Wiliams and a yet to be named US college QB.

I thought Eakin was released to play in the NFL Europe?

Jon Beutger would make a great fit

I don't expect Eakin to be with the team at training camp, although publically the Cats indicated they would invite him. He was used and abused in 2006 and if he is anywhere near training camp 2007, it will only be because he feels he could use the arm exercise.

He was but on Condtion He Resign for Camp.
but our GM Could Change his Mind..

Kevin asked for his release from the Cats
so he could get to play in NFL Europe

and then come back for training camp.

A win/win proposition for both parties

Kevin would get some badly needed game time
and be right in his rythmn upon arrival at Camp,
just as he was when we originally signed him.

but…has anybody found Kevin on any NFL Europe
or even an Arena Football League roster?

I haven’t.

I just talked to Kevin Eakin & he is in Florida waiting for NFL Europe camp to start. He will be playing for the Frankfurt Galaxy. He has said he would like to come back to Hamilton if an Nfl team doesn't sign him. That was the terms of his release.

I'd be happy with Spurgeon Wynn as starting QB and Ritchie Williams as #2. Lots of potential there.

"Potential" and "Spurgeon Wynn" have not been seen in the same paragraph for a very long time.

Look at the record; when BC dumped him after he was supplanted by Casey Printers, he went to Winnipeg. That year he never played a down and was fourth on the Bombers' depth chart behind Glenn, Michna, and Tee Martin.

Sorry, but if you can't beat out Tee Martin for a job, it's time to look for a new career.

This year, in a game I remember well, he QB the Argos against the Als, and not once did the Argos offence get to the midfield stripe (and let's face it, Montreal's defence this past season was not as dominant as it had been in the past).

So, sorry to disagree, but I'd steer clear of Mr. Wynn. But I do agree, from what little I have seen, that Williams does seem to have potential......

I was a big fan of spergon ,but not anymore.

I think the Ticats should go hard after Brad Banks. He's the only one out there that has the potential to be a top CFL QB that they wouldn't have to give up something (beside money) to obtain.