Ticat presence on "Football Friday"

Mike McCarthy will be on to talk about scouting during Bowl games, Dyakowski and other prospects. I’m sure we’ll get into roster issues as well.

Football Friday 9-noon, mostly NFL and NCAA. MM is scheduled for 11:30.

Fan 590 am in Toronto.


Channel 959 on Express Vu

Podcasts of the show available on the website.


Thanks for this info Mike.

Yes, thanks for the update Hoagie.

Would it be too much trouble to get weekly Football Friday update here?

Have you had Charlie Taaffe on yet?

Thanks for the info, Mike.

We still need FF extended another hour.

I caught Mike Mc Carthy mentioning that
he thinks it is possible that Dyakowski
will get an invitation to an NFL Camp

but he doesn't think he will be kept.

He said Charlie Taffe is out scouting.

Players? Coaching prospects?

I missed the rest. Anybody hear any more?

There wasn't much specifics, but McCarthy sounds like the kind of guy we need in his position.

Keep the faith.

Football Fridays should still be at least two if not three hours long.


I was disappointed I didn't hear about any new draft propects besides Dyakowski.

How about one of these football fridays, invite a couple of CFL draft scouts on, and have them name there top 5 prospects in this years draft.

I'm sure that show would draw alot of interest from here, and the rest of the CFL community.

including, specifically, the G.M.s of other CFL teams. :smiley:

The problem with scouts they all are careless with the truth when talking about draftable players as they don't want to tip their hand.
Somebody neutral who follows the CIS closely would be a better bet.
Mike Hogan should have a good idea of which players out of the OUA are top picks, from covering those games.

Lets hope the top five players available in the draft are not a surprise to any CFL GM.

The NFL draft gets some much coverage, with mock drafts and the such.

It would be nice to see the CFL draft get some more coverage (hype?)