Ticat PLayers

Just wanted to let our fans know what class our ticat players do have,after the game on Sunday we were parting up the street on Balsam,First Dave Stella stop and chatted with us and gave us Stella sport cards of him and signed them,next we waved down Marquay McDaniel,just signed autographs.Next we waved down the One and only Arland Bruce III,who also took the time to hand out cards and sign them.Then it was Otis Floyd's turn,stopped and signed a few autographs, the story here was he didn't have any cards with him,but told us that he would leave them in the mailbox in the moning, On his way back to Ivor Wynn.You know what, the cards were in the mailbox the next day.So its players like this, that will take us to where we want to go next year.............GREY CUP CHAMPIONS................................GO CATS GO......................................

                                  CHEERS  CATSFORLIFE

Class bunch these Cats!!!
Can't wait till next yr.
Doc 8)

I'd have to say, I've found this to be true of most CFL players. On the whole, CFL players seem the most approachable.

Another reason I like the CFL more then the NFL.The approachability of the players.No matter how big of a star they are here,they're never to busy to sign an autograph or have a friendly chat.CFL.The league that gives as much as it gets.

It cause they are Working Men Blue Collar Types
Not Spoiled Millionaires like in the NFL

I really loved the part about Otis Floyd. Im glad our Cats have so much class. These boys have once again instilled a pride in the Jungle, a pride that hasnt been around for quite some time.

Eat'em Raw Boys.

Keep it up, can't wait to see them wipe the floor with the rest of the CFL next year.

That is really cool. Do they sell these cards at stores (Or are they just something that players hand out?)

You can get these CFL cards made by Jogo by ordering from dealers like Ab D. Cards in Calgary or Gamebreakers in Ottawa. You can usually get team sets on Ebay when they become available, which should be soon.

In my (very long) memory, there have only been a handful of players who were NOT great guys and really good in the community. I won't name any names, but there have been a few.

Most of the players I've met or known over the years have always been great guys.