TiCat players to keep and rebuild with:

As a fan of the TigerCats' rival, here's who looks good from my perspective (in no particular order):

Chang, Lumsden, Ralph, Armour, Moreno, Cody, Setta,

pretty much everyone else would have the remainder of the season to audition for a job for next year.

ryan glasper

bluto...you hit the nail on the head.

McKay Loescher can stay too.
Talman Gardner could turn into something.

Dwight Anderson.

It seems like the team wanted to go young and fresh with its roster...but in the last couple of games the inexperience and the teams inability to gel seems to be the problem. Maybe they need to look at some of the notable vets that were released by other teams. They need leadership on this team and they need to bond.

Holmes - Use him properly
Jo Jo Walker - Argos kept the ball away from him on punts

This is why we need longer Tranning Camps.
with more preseason Games

Cats should have 3 to 4 Pre-season Games.

Playing East Team Once in the Preseason
then playing Toronto Home and Home.

As bad as they've been in the 1st two games, (and they have been very bad), this is a bit premature. There are some decent players there who just need experience and time. But when the NFL cuts start, I wouldn't be shy about bringing in guys to see what they have.

An Argo-Cat fan

This is not premature. This is a team that needs a rebuild in a big way.
Maybe you'd expect me as an Argonaut fan to say that, but for serious: It's getting to be sad and i feel for all of the Yellow and Black die-hards.
Even Taafe doesn't like his personnel.
Millington asks Taafe who the TiCat deep-threat is going to be to try to stretch the Argo's D...Taafe responds "We don't have one"
Those are the words a coach who knows that he hasn't been given the talent to succeed and isn't afraid to say so to the media because it's just that bleedin' obvious.

I think you have to try to build with everyone in plae at least until NFL cuts start happening in August.

Wayne Shaw played himself off the team, IMHO. Time to shift RKK over to rover or promote Beveridge.

Oski Wee Wee,

Chang is a keeper, at least he throws downfield