Ticat players slam Kent Austin, don’t want him to return

Fair point, Crash.

The only juicy piece is including Speedy's name. I think that it was wrong to publish his name as it appears that a comment was made by another player stating that Speedy will not return unless Austin is gone. Go to Speedy directly and if he says the same print it. Otherwise providing a quote by an unnamed player about another player is weak IMO. Expect a statement from Speedy saying all is good with him and Austin. If that player is off the record no names should be included.

Maybe Bob has lost touch as much as Kent has.

Player comments dumb but I'm absolutely shocked by the content/tone of Bob's tweet. It betrays a level of exasperation that is usually hidden by his placid tone.

I could go a nice long rant about how ridiculous our fan base is, but the majority of you are out to lunch roasting Kent Austin. Whoever this player was is a toolbox, never should you ever spread rumours about your teammates ... and if this is such a serious problem, don't go whining to the press and throwing people under the bus. Absolute hit piece by Drew and you guys are eating it up cus you're mad at the 0-8 start to the season still but I love how everyone fails to realize that Kent stepping down and hiring June Jones was the best decision made all season long, and Austin was the one who made it. If you guys all love June Jones so much, well you have Austin to thank that he's in town and by the sounds of it he's staying and has a great working relationship with Austin.

We've gone to two Grey Cups since 1999, both under the guidance of Austin and if it weren't for a block in the back penalty that drought would be long over by now.

I actually think the majority of our fan base outside this forum are more knowledgeable than most on here, and that's a sad sad statement.

Who was the guy who brought in Banks, Gable, Masoli, Bomben, Simoni, Tasker, Chop, Laurent, Dean, Leonard, Kanneh, Tracey ... we can talk Breaux and Harris who never came back, what about McGough who played great as a rookie this year? What about Saunders? Did you like what you saw out of Whitlock? How bout Castillo and Allen and Maher the year before? Simply if you're excited about this team moving forward, than you're excited about the team Austin has helped put together whether you want to admit it or not.

His coaching decisions became a negative for the team especially the lack of running game, I'm not saying he utilized all these guys properly on the field but he certainly as the VP had his hand in bringing all the talent to this city, including June Jones.

I for one would love to see Austin stick around as VP (which he's clearly going to) because he's proven time and time again he's able to field a quality team full of talented players. People need to remember he's not the coach anymore, VP is a vastly different role and one I think he's always excelled at more with the Cats.

Also if you watch that presser and come away thinking Austin is a terrible guy who tried to "sabotage" the season, well then I can't help you. To me, it seems like he bleeds black and gold like the rest of us, he truly wants to see the city rejoice in victory, and always has, but we are some of the most ungrateful fans in the CFL.

I don't think he tried to sabotage the season. That sounds insane.

But during Kent Austin's time here, the team gradually became less talented, both on and off the field. The loss of coordinators, and the inability to bring in quality people to fill those positions reflects entirely on Kent. The team this year was noticeably less talented than previous years. And although we had two Grey Cup appearances, Kent never managed to put together a team that won more than 10 games in a year, while playing in a division with an expansion team, a bankrupt Argos franchise, and the aimless Als.

I really liked Austin's first few years here, but it's all about you've done lately in football, and in Kent's case, it doesn't seem like he's done much.

2ez Opinions are like as#h()*& and everybody has one. The vast majority of the individuals who
post on this sight have a tremendous amount of football knowledge contrary to what you think. As far as Austin, there has been reports and suggestions there has been issues with other positional coaches
acting as a buffer for Austin and his inappropriate actions and behavior. The buffers have left town and Austins true self is exposed. Something stinks in the Tiger Cat organization and if the players act and speak out the garbage needs to be removed.

The players speak volumes about behavior and attitude when they speak about June Jones. I don't see anybody except for Bob Young coming to Austins defense. Being arrogant and stubborn are two behavior traits a coach or GM should not have. I sincerely hope a D2 offers him a deal that he can not refuse. I for one have had enough drama and in all likelihood will not renew my seasons tickets.

players will not signed here if Austin is. easy decision

2ez, great points.

Letsgoticats: one could argue that we continually lost great talent that we weren't able to keep around be it to the NFL, cap constraints and other teams, or like the last two years, injury and retirement.

We played "next man up" for so long that eventually we ran out of players. (check how many 2017 draft picks played for the cats this year.)

Honestly I'm disappointed with a lot of whats come out from this article. Seems like Edwards is pulling a pin and walking away with that article. A few players feeling like airing dirty laundry that could have been better left internal. Bob lashing out on twitter. Not a fan of any of these actions today.

Isn't it kinda nice to have a new controversy? I'm certainly beyond tired of the last one and yet it already looks like we'll be as split on this new one as we continue to be on QBs. And, looking ahead, it's pretty much a guarantee we'll have another one coming up in a matter just over 3 weeks or, who knows, maybe much sooner than that if the club chooses to act, on that month end deadline, prior to the Grey Cup blackout period for unrelated announcements by CFL teams.

Sure looks as if both Mitchell and Austin will be back next year. Not what I'd do if I were owner, but Caretaker is allowed to spend his money as he sees fit.

[justify]I don’t know whose to blame, or what has gone wrong with this organization. Since '99, it seems like there was a slow build to go from perennial basement dwellers to Class of the league the last 2-3 years. It culminated with Austin’s arrival, on and off the field, it seemed as though he brought the standard for the organization up a level. I always felt like Austin had a plan, a vision, a direction.

If all the stories are true, then maybe its a case of what made him successful, was also his downfall. A hard-driving, tell it like it is, no nonsense style can get results, but it also grows tiresome for those that don’t agree with that philosophy.

Austin is a great talent evaluator and he brought in plenty of suburb players. Perhaps he isn’t a great people person, but I think he brings plenty to the table. As another poster said, he removed himself as coach already. Players and people vent, its understandable and its ok, it shows people care and want to win. I’d rather have a little anger then indifference.

Leave Austin upstairs as a scout or whatever you want to call it. He doesn’t have to interact with the players, but imo he can still provide tremendous value to the organization. He is an asset.[/justify]

Here's how I feel after Kent's response.

  • Kent and Drew can't stand each other, it' been known for a long time but you can tell he responds to Milton respectfully and with some thought, but with Drew he wants no part of him.

  • 6 players (assuming it was 6) does not make an entire roster. If the key players (Tasker, Masoli, Banks, and include June Jones) aren't back than there's definitely some truth to this. If the majority of those players are back then this was nothing more than Drew trying to get a headline. Interesting though that Banks has not refuted or made any comments.

  • Kent does care for this team and organization. I think the way he's been treated by Drew and many of the fans is disappointing - the mob mentality isn't the way this fanbase should be seen and not what our owner deserves. (Reminding everyone this owner saved our franchise). People wanted Kent out as coach, it happened. it seems many wont rest until he literally is shown the door, and yes they are forgetting the amount of good he has done for this city.

  • Collaros wont be here. Kent had a chance to at least lie and say he expects to see him in camp, and he didn't even do that.

I give Kent full credit for taking those questions head on, and keeping his cool with Drew.

Yup , let the off season shenanigans begin . I'm not sure exactly where it will lead to or how it will eventually end up BUT one thing I think I know for sure and that is that this off season is probably going to shape up either for hopefully the better or not so hopefully for the worse , depending on what key certain decisions are made in signing our FA's , our HC and at the QB position . One thing is for sure though and that is an off season promising to be a wild ride like no others that we have seen around these parts in quite some time .

Lots of unanswered questions in lots of unanswered positions indeed as to what direction this team will take going into next season and beyond . Hopefully the right decisions will be made and we the fans can actually get back to watching some winning football from this team once again .

It seems like The "Caretaker" has taken a page out of that guy with the goofy hairdo who will remain nameless on here who is apparently the so called POTUS and taken to Twitter to go on a rampage on this subject .

Incredibly Bob in one of his tweets actually stated that Austin could very well be arguably "One of the most successful Head Coaches in CFL history "

LOL !!! Really Bob ?? Seriously ?? I guess you've never heard of the likes of Hugh Campbell , Wally Buono , Don Matthews , Ralph Sazio , Bud Grant , John Hufnagel...........just to name a few of some of the REAL NEWS not FAKE NEWS most successful Head Coaches in CFL history ......Austin well I grant you has had some success in his CFL Coaching career he isn't even close , not by a long shot to ever being considered to even being remotely close to being in the conversation when it comes to the topic of best or most successful HC of all time in the history of this league .

Here is the link from who else but Austin's good buddy D . Edwards over at 3DN..........


How long before the team cuts off access to Drew?

Bob calling Kent one of the most successful coaches in CFL history was hilarious. Results wise, there hasn't been much improvement in the regular season. 2 Grey Cup appearances in an incredibly weak division, 0 wins.

Austins 5 years in Hamilton: 42-48 (June Jones is responsible for 6 of the coaching wins)

Ticats record in the 5 years prior to Austin: 35-55

I agree with you, Crash. I also agree with what 2ez said.

It's easy to sit back and lob bombs at Kent Austin after the season we've had. But the potential we have going forward is also due to his recruiting and roster design. Maybe that potential isn't very high. I hope it is.

As for Drew's article and Bob's response, I think the article is unprofessional in using an anonymous player to supposedly quote Speedy B. Its fine for Drew to levy criticisms, and to use unnamed sources. He's not a mouthpiece for the team and he should be hard. But it's not ok to attribute a comment to a named person that comes from an unnamed one.

Bob is right, the player was a coward. I have no concerns at all about him saying so. I don't care who the player is. If I knew, I'd fire him promptly.

Bob is also right to back up his management here. If anything, he should criticise Drew as well as Mr. Anonymous. If Bob has a complaint about Kent Austin, and wants to fire him, or whatever, he should do it in private. I'm quite sure he would do exactly that if he thinks it is needed. Otherwise, he needs to let people know, especially the gutless ones, that he stands by his managers and doesn't tolerate cowardly behaviour by anyone in his organisation.

I'd be incredibly disappointed in the team if this happened.

Drew really should just write opinion pieces instead of hiding behind anonymous player quotes to spike his beef with Austin.
At least stand behind it as your own.
As for cutting off his access - if he's going to write articles that causes this type of reaction without facts I wouldn't blame them one bit.