Ticat players slam Kent Austin, don’t want him to return

This is brutal.

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“Things were OK as long as Tommy and O were here but after Tommy left, things started to go down hill,? said one player. “Then when Orlondo left, things really got worse. Those guys were buffers.?

“Guys really started to get frustrated in training camp. Then when we started losing, there were guys speaking up in the locker room, guys who you wouldn’t expect to speak out,?

“It became evident he had lost the locker room.?

“You look at the coaching decisions he made, some of the staffing decisions he made, some of the personnel decisions he made and you lose faith in his ability to make good decisions,? a player said. “If you don’t have faith in the vice-president of football operations, how do you have faith the organization is going anywhere??

“Speedy has been telling everybody that he won’t re-sign if Kent is still around in any capacity,? one player said. “I think some other guys are in the same boat.?

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Drew finally got his revenge. I'm gonna start calling him Marty York.

Ticats story of the year. Not surprising though.

It's an incredible story and the idea that Austin traded Chick and CJ to sabotage the the team is extraordinary.

After reading this article I'm tempted to email my ticket rep and promise to renew (which I wasn't going to do) if they let Austin go.

I understand that players are upset with Austin but for one player to publicly state that “Speedy........? is totally wrong. It puts Speedy in an awful position with respect to negotiating with any other team knowing he won’t play in Hamilton at any $$. Grumble anonymously if you must, but don’t throw other players names around to the press. This particular quoter should have his name out there as well.

Extraordinary because they had to pay Masoli for starting... So they traded 2 players either contracts and 1 of which that was going to be a FA.

No sabotage here. Just players getting their digs in on their former coach.

It’s about time all this comes out in the open !
Hope he either resigns or gets the pink slip as I personally want June Jones back and all our Free agents $

Are we really surprised by any of this? There have been rumblings about this all season, from Zach's yelling fit coming off the field early in the year.

Wonder how Austin feels reading this. I liked Austin when he first came, but between the sideline penalties, bumping players, contacting refs, Cornell lawsuits, and now this? Time for Austin to leave town.

I liked him too. It's obvious that one of the things that made him successful were the assistants he surrounded himself with. There's nothing wrong with that either. At some point he figured he could do all of it himself and it was his downfall.
The quote about the assistants being the buffer was perfect and applies everywhere including the corporate world. When you have a buffer from the tyrant manager things are fine, but when it's gone you lose your "team".

Agreed based on these quotes Kent has to go. Im not a fan of this article and not a fan of Drew Edwards, these things can be done/said without being published. Those players just had to tell Mitchell/Tillman/Bob.

Lenny: agreed re Speedy. Everyone else gets anonymity in this story except him.

Of course, it’s also believable that he has been indiscreet about telling everyone what’s on his mind, which makes it less likely to stay “secret?. He seems to wear his heart on his sleeve.

Not surprised by this, other than it's coming out right now and who made it public.
It was obvious there was a problem in the room, unreported for so long, and I'm glad it's out in the open now. But, IMO, similar to others here, this story could have, and should have, been written for just as strong an impact, without quoting an unnamed player on what Speedy said and including Tasker's name. Although, in the latter case, we'd recognize the quoted words as being Luke's, anyway.

I think Mr. Mitchell needs to act quickly on this and the club needs to adopt a different approach, this off-season, in keeping the fans informed. In the past, many player signings and contract extensions, done at this time of the year, and through the winter months, have been kept quiet until May.

Always a controversy and complaining in Tiger-Town especially for a losing team with good fan support.

Ti-Cat fans must start demanding a good quality product on the field and winning again and I think with June Jones or a good quality coach (Canadian or American) it's possible.

Most fans come out and attend games win or lose but after so many years of losing and not winning a Grey Cup (second longest now to Winnipeg) in not grabbing the cup in a nine team league and not since 1999??

Maybe this team is destined to lose because if they are not really serious about winning or they would have changed their ways long ago.

It's time to clean out more than lockers and players headed for the golf course, it's time to clean the entire Cat house and get a new winning attitude again!

some time the truth hurts, nobody likes a dictator and micromanage... those days are gone.

hope they make the right decision.

like the leafs it starts from the top down get professional people in place that care for each other

I was at a social event earlier this year , talking to a brother of an ex Ticat who played from 2012-2014. He told me that the locker room has been rough for a while and many of the veterans are frustrated. He predicted that the team would not make the playoffs again until Austin was removed as coach. These comments were said to me on June 3rd 2017.

Bob, firmly in Austin's corner:

Bold move Caretaker... seems like a good FA strategy calling your players cowards without knowing which ones you're calling out....

Very delicate situation here. Can't have the players dictating who is in the organization publicly although their play speaks volumes of what they think of him.
I was afraid that Scott or Bob would take this stance.
Personally I don't care who the GM/VP is. How true this is will be based on a couple things, but mostly if any of it actually comes true.
If JJ doesn't come back and Austin is here... heads will be scratched. If Banks and other FAs move on, same thing.
Still not a fan of how the players or Drew have handled this.

And isn't it public relations 101 for an organization not to respond off-the-cuff in a situation like this? A tweet like that will only fan the flames. Which is good news to me, because I want Austin gone.

lost alot of respect for drew likes to stir the pot… go work for TMZ. would like to see him gone enjoyed steve milton he is professional

Austin responds. 9-minute video clip.


Jay-sus what a SH!T SHOW !! Wonder how long it will be before this thread is mysteriously Locked up ?

For the record I've been saying for quite awhile now that Austin could leave at anytime and five minutes after announcing that he's gone , that he wouldn't be missed . Everybody out there just honestly ask and answer this one question for me......What do you think our W/L record would've been this year if Austin coached the entire season ? My honest answer to this is that this team might've probably wound up at 2 and 16 at best and that's stretching it folks to the max .