TIcat players in the forum

Does anyone know if players read the forums? When I congratulated Tim Cheatwood for his accomplishments, I was wondering if he sees it. I remember reading some posts in the past by DJ Flick. (Its also awsome to see that the caretaker posts on here.) Can anyone write a list of other ticat players that have posted on here in the past?

If they do Come on it's Without us knowing.
DJ was only player I knew for shure who dose

I think there told not too..

Zero.. lol jus dj...n he hasnt posted since this new forum has bin made..

aint allowed I says...?? :cowboy:

D.J never came on here, it was obviously his publisist or agent, same with Bob.

thats not true, i know jason goss comes on and reads stuff, i tlk to his fience andhim on here all the time.

The only one I've known to post is DJ... but I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear that other players do read the forums sometimes.

I don’t know why a player would iritate themselves by reading some of the cutup comments on here.

My publisists are offended. To accuse them of posting the lame comments made under the username "caretaker" insults their professional competence to the core.


That's jumping to conclusions. This is the CFL! It could just as easily have been his chef, his chauffeur, his personal trainer, his butler, or his astrologer.

i know that a lot of players from other teams post on their respective team sites.

benefeild being the first one that jumped to mind when he was playing with the riders.

although some of them do so without using their real names (what a concept eh, lol)

And so I suppose they do not use the same kind of self-deprecating humour that tends to be associated with the "Caretaker" username.

But that was a good one.


Of course they read it. Anyone who gets "written up" on the internet feels compelled to read about it. I know for a fact that many CEOs of public companies read those stupid pump & dump chat rooms, even though they know it's mostly garbage.

I'm not sure about players, but us parents sure do have fun reading these forum posts. Carry on!


William S. Burroughs lives again???? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I may start cutting up the We Want Eakin / Next coach / Whither Ranek / Favourite Condiment threads and resubmitting them at cutups. The pureed logic found in many of the comments might actually make more sense that way. :wink:

All ball hail the little pain of...etc...

Oski Wee Wee,

Mike Morreale posted on the old site a couple of time with the username MM.