Ticat Players Better Wake Up !

:twisted: The Ticat players better wake up and smell the coffee cause there was no stronger smell than the one they got a whiff of tuesday. Craig Yeast Better get it in gear, too many times i've seen that guy after running a route and turtling back to the line or more importantly to the sideline.Too often I thought the Refs who just love us were going to flag us for too many men, talk about stupid penalties or what? It's gut and paycheque time boys, got any PI** and VINEGAR in you ,we are not in Steeltown and called the Tigercats for nothing. Stop playing like a bunch of PUSSYCATS.

Calm down buddy, stress leads to a shorter life. Yeast at least catches the ball before turtling as you say.

Craig Yeast has also played some decent ball this year.
How about getting off his back.

Lancaster is a tough coach, he will not put up with poor efforts and bad penalties, so yes they better wake....

Could we lay off the player bashing for a few days, at least?

Craig Yeast has been the workhorse of the team the last couple games. Boreham isn't going to get any better with people howling at him. Fleming hasn't outkicked Boreham, and Jaimie could use the extra work (plus we could use his down field coverage!)

The coaching needs a kick in its collective butts, too...I don't know what else Erdman is doing on ST situ's, but counting players should be one of them! That was just terrible!

Discipline is a Head Coach issue. These people will learn not to PO Ronnie! I have no doubt that we will see Eakin if Maas doesn't come up with the goods, just as I expect Davis to be activated if Ranek doesn't start breaking some plays...

It might not all come together on Friday, but I expect thatTiCats will appear a very different team that night...there will be some unpopular happenings (like RL will trade all the "excess" Cdn players, and leave us back at shuffling to make up the ratio)

Okay, lets go with it, Scene One, Take Two, and roll...

Nevermind Yeast what about Vaughn? He needs to step it up a notch, Hes played fine but you guys didnt bring him in to just play "Fine."

Yeast drops at least one pass a game which kills a drive. He did it again in the 2nd half of the Als game.

Five other receivers fail to get open, and the O-line fails to block long enough for them, and you dump on the one receiver that manages to be there and be "open"...

Its "coaching" from the fan seats that just kills this team...

Please forward your criticisms of, say, Flick, Pederson, Ralph, etc. who have dropped or missed even more...or run the wrong routes, or whatever the excuses for them might be at this moment, I'm sure you can run off at the mouth like the proverbial "soup sandwich" (as can we all!)but Vaughn and Yeast seem to be catching a lot of passes, compared with the others...lets lay the verbal abuse on those who, if they don't "need it", at least "deserve it"...

Possibly including the play selection, but I digress...

hey marshall fan,

Let's not start jumping on the players backs already. They'll perform a lot better if we give them a boost not kick em when they're down.

Yeast, to me, is having a pretty good year. The O line has been pretty weak. Let's get them firing off the ball and moving some bodies. They're the key to our offense.
There's a lot of talent on the O line, hopefully they can get it together.

If you aren't able to do the job with Ronnie running the show, you won't be playing. :cowboy:

I have no doubt that we will see Eakin if Maas doesn't come up with the goods
This is the same Ronnie that wouldnt take out Dmac and give whatever backup of the month some playing time no matter the score at ANY point in the game?

Yes mycko75,it is...theres not been many times in Ron's career that there has been a GENUINE back up QB waiting in the wings...

Likewise, Danny Mac represents a great QB who can get it done. The flat performance of the OC, the OLine, the receivers etc. in Hamilton of the past several years cannot be laid at his doorstep.

Agreed he is "aging" and doesn't have that many years left in him to play but he deserves a lot more respect than the "wanna-be, crap in your face" detractors of this team give him credit for...

Lets wait for Friday and see what a coaching change accomplishes, what?

After that, I will certainly "listen" to all the "bitching, moaning and groaning", even if I have to watch it on tape delay, as I'm flying back from Vancouver through the game time, and hoping WestJet carries TSN!

My comment was not an indictment of Dmac. But if we were getting blown out..or blowing someone else out..our backups were never given a chance to do anything under Ron. Kind of left us in a lurch the last couple years didnt it?

And yes..Westjet does carry TSN!

Lifter- (Lifer)
You are sure that the Receivers that you mentioned have been running the wrong routes and have failed to catch balls thrown to them? I've been watching the games also and I tend to notice that the dump off pass is in order with Mr. Maas. Whenever a down field pass is attempted the ball is either behind the Receiver or un-catchable. Would you say that that is due to the receiver not doing their job?

Ummmm, giving Billy Dicken ANY reps contravened the Geneva Convention… :wink: Playing backups of the month is not a recipe for winning.

The reason we have a Kevin Eakin as a backup is precisely because this ownership has the resources to ensure that we have depth on the roster.

As for Maas, he is not the problem. I am not adverse to Eakin coming in during games to shake things up if the game is clearly not going our way. We continue to lose winnable games, but those deficiencies are not in our starting QB.

Oski Wee Wee,

Steve, note the extra T in Lifter and the lack of that T in Lifer. Two different names and sorry but two different people.
I'm the poster formerly known as Lifer and as much as I can't speak for Lifter I will speak for Lifer....as I am he...or was he and it was me/he that the question was directed at.....kinda.

I think our receivers are basically doing their job and I believe that for the most part they're running the routes they're asked to run, some crisp and clean, some sloppy and floppy. From what I've seen though that's about as far as it goes.

What we're not seeing from our receiving core is any kind of concern as to whether our QB is knee deep in S*** back at the LOS.
IMO they haven't been making adjustments based on whether or not Maas is running for his life or the entire field and play is breaking down around them.
(or at least not quick enough to benefit the play)
They run their route in their world.
No laying out.
No coming back.
No helping out in a team sense.
If I'm a receiver and I take my look back to the QB (because all good receivers do that right?)
and see the pocket's collapsed and my QB is being swarmed doesn't it make sense that he may not be able to get that long pass off?
Why wouldn't I do everything in my power to make it easier for him to hit me, like coming back to the ball or going up for it?
The times any of our receivers have put their body on the line for that catch can be counted on one hand and to be quite honest sometimes it just doesnt seem they want it bad enough.
I could even use Milt Stegall's last game as a perfect example, he had to work like hell for almost every ball but he caught them.

Im certainly not referring to our entire receiving core either, I didn't name anyone inparticular because I also think there's too must individual finger pointing going on and until the players realize that their jobs depend on how well they work with each other (or until every single pass lands right where they want them) then we're always going to have the same problems.

Most Hall of fame calibre receivers leave this game with the crap beat out of them
(Flutie Narco Winfield etc...) and the reason for that is they had to fight like hell to consistantly put up the numbers they did. They worked with, and for the QB and in turn never had a shortage of balls coming their way.

We're not winning foot races.
We're not winning hand fights or jump balls.
We're not getting and maintaining separation, and were just plain old not making things any easier on our quarterback.

But yes....from what I know of correct or incorrect routes they look to be running them the way the book says to.

It's going to be a lot of fun when we finally turn from a team of talented individuals to a talented team.

One of the biggest positives is that we are not getting blown out of games even with all the stupid penalties we have taken and just plain lack of focus of doing your job like dropping passes put right between your numbers. This is one reason why I am very optimistic with Ron Lancaster there, he will see to it that everyone is disciplined and focused and let the assistants do their job.
I am feeling very good about things right now and hopefully a huge crowd will be there Friday night.


You must be feeling much better after venting all those frustrations in your first posts here.

I am happy now to know who you are the former "Lifer". I made the mistake about thinking that the person named "Lifter" was you and I apologize for that. I can't say that I agree with all you posted about the Receivers. I have seen "fighting" for the ball on several occasions that the ball was thrown downfield. The problem is that the downfield passes have not been very accurate and that's putting it mildly. Many times I have watched the receivers get open and the ball is behind them.

I know one thing for sure, the next time that I see you I owe you a hamburg!

No worries on the name thing, it’s not the first time.
It is however the number one reason I changed nics, folks that know me at games kept thinking it was me and expected me to have something smart to say and to express it in a friendly sociable manner.
(like thats happening)

I think most of us when viewing games have tendencies to favour certain players or even positions and to some degree see what we want.
Hopefully by this time next week you wont see bad passes and I wont see weak receivers, we’ll both see 2 long overdue points.
Let me know when you plan on paying up on the burger, now that the concessions are all the rage I might just have to save you a seat.

Billy Dicken
Tough times in steeltown when it comes down to this :cry: