TiCat Player Contracts

John Hodge has been researching and writing a series of reports for 3downnation on the expiry dates of all CFL player contracts. He reports that, of the 85 players on the TiCats' roster now, only these 34 are signed through 2021:

Tunde Adeleke (N)
Jeff Allison (A)
Yurik Bethune (A)
Delvin Breaux (A)
Isaiah Burse (A)
Malcolm Campbell (N)
Maurice Carnell (A)
Nehari Crawford (A)
Koron Crump (A)
Jomon Dotson (A)
Derek Dufault (N)
Steven Dunbar (A)
Jordan Ellis (A)
Dane Evans (A)
Qudarius Ford (A)
Jesse Gibbon (N)
Julian Howsare (A)
Maleek Irons (N)
Nikola Kalinic (N)
Lukas Korol (N)
Ted Laurent (N)
Sheriden Lawley (N)
Josh Lewis (A)
Kay Okafor (N)
Damoun Patterson (A)
Justice Powers (A)
Johnny Robinson (A)
Trevon Tate (A)
Quindarius Thagard (A)
Matthew White (A)
Gordon Whyte (N)
Anthony Wint (A)
Dylan Wynn (A)
Ronald Zamort (A)


I looked at 3downnation's report and it looks like you spent some time picking out these players as the report showed player contract expiry date by position. Thanks for collating the important information.

I'm not sure how relevant this information might be however. If, for example, the league does not play ANY games this year will the other 51 players become free agents in February 2021 (assuming they don't re-sign in the interim), or does the contract then become for 2021? I am not a lawyer, but I think that arguments could be made either way. In any event I believe this is something for the league and PA to negotiate if it comes to that.

Finally, it is my fervent hope that there is some kind of season played this year, however I realise that the current odds do not favour it. :frowning_face: :mask:

At least they have a good core of National players under contract for 2021

It is interesting that the NFL is planning to go ahead with their schedule . Coaches are now allowed to be in their facilities . The players will soon follow . All this is going on in the country with 112 000 covid deaths so far . Their death rate per million is twice that of Canada .
If the NFL moves forward , perhaps the CFL will safely follow .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

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I think the NFL can probably survive on TV revenue (ie. no fans) for a couple of years. The CFL can’t according to reports.


The relevance of the list, to me, was that the TiCats have fewer players signed through '21 than any of the other teams (the 5 Western teams) on which, to date, John Hodge has reported. Also, each of those teams has, at least, one player signed through 2022 and among them are top QBs MItchell, in Calgary, Reilly in BC, and Harris in EDM. The TiCat list also shows that the club has only 10 players, who have played more than 1 CFL game, signed for 2021.

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Exactly ... the TV deals more than cover player payrolls before a single ticket is sold ... national TV, merchandising and licensing deals paid $255 million per NFL team in 2018](https://www.investopedia.com/articles/personal-finance/062515/how-nfl-makes-money.asp)

There are more than 40 TiCats, not signed beyond 2020, who would have this option.

Every. Single. Team. will have to start from scratch if this comes to pass. This is an indirect result of one-season contracts.

It would be wonderful if the story would give us more details. For instance has the league and PA agreed that players can just opt to move their existing contract to 2021? It would seem to be a logical option to me, but the story gives little details about the agreement. :frowning_face: :mask:

Or Dave Naylor is speaking out of his arse.


I think it's safe to assume that such a momentous decision as that would have been reported, had it happened.

While I agree, it probably should have been reported, as many other things should have been, in the negative at least. Another example of things that should have been reported would be how long do the players have to make their decision on whether to opt out of their contract, or not. There must be some deadline after all. Will opted out players be reported on the CFL site under transactions, and how?

I expect they will, in the normal fashion -- "Released from Active / Status: Free Agent."
I do wonder if a "gentlemen's agreement" is in place, to not sign another team's opted-out player(s) prior February.

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I'm guessing SSK's Brett Lauther, the first to announce he'll be opting out since Naylor's report, is following his association's guidelines and verifying the TSN report.

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Lauther was only under contract for 2020 so that was covered under the first announcement by the PA. Still have to see if the second announcement applies to 2021 contracts.

I'll be shocked if it does.

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Allowing them to opt out of contracts for 2021 and beyond will be a big mess. Unless it has some sort of retained rights clause, like a neg list or something. I guess we won't know until someone opts out of a 2021 contract.

Here's the whole story and, O.K. I am shocked, but only slightly because of "conditions Bii and Biii:"

Dark days ahead for our league. :cry: :mask: