TiCat ownership groups over the years

below is an interesting list of TiCats ownership over the years..

[b]Group: Bob Young (Oct. 7, 2003 – Present)
Ownership term length: 8 years, 4 months and counting
Group membership
Bob Young - 100%

Group: CFL (Aug. 16, 2003 – Oct. 7, 2003)
Ownership term length: 1 month, 3 weeks
Group membership
CFL - 100%

Group: McDonald/Grant (Apr. 13, 1995 – Aug. 16, 2003)
Ownership term length: 8 years, 4 months
Group membership
David McDonald - ?%
George Grant - ?%

Group: Yachetti/Michaluk/McDonald/Others (Oct. 20, 1993 – Apr. 13, 1995)
Ownership term length: 1 year, 5 months
Group membership
Roger Yachetti - ?%
John Michaluk - ?%
David McDonald - ?%
Seventeen additional investors - ?%

Group: Yachetti/Michaluk/Others (Aug. 13, 1992 – Oct. 20, 1993)
Ownership term length: 1 year, 2 months
Group membership
Roger Yachetti - ?%
John Michaluk - ?%
Nine additional investors - ?%

Group: David Braley (Feb. 15, 1989 – Aug. 13, 1992)
Ownership term length: 3 years, 6 months
Group membership
David Braley - 100%

Group: Maple Leaf Gardens Ltd. (Feb. 1, 1978 – Feb. 15, 1989)
Ownership term length: 11 years
Group membership
Maple Leaf Gardens Ltd. - 100%

Group: Michael DeGroote (Jan. 1, 1974 – Feb. 1, 1978)
Ownership term length: 4 years, 1 month
Group membership
Michael DeGroote - 100%

Group: Unknown (Jan. 1, 1960 – Jan. 1, 1974)
Ownership term length: 14 years
Group membership

Group: Community/Widely Held (Jan. 1, 1950 – Jan. 1, 1960)
Ownership term length: 10 years
Group membership
Community/Widely Held - 100%[/b]

Was surprised to learn Maple Leaf Gardens Ltd. owned the club between 1978-1989..

strangely enough, I recollect the Degroote era (1974-78) although not the MLG ownership group...

that's what happens during the booze indulged teenage years I gather... :wink:

Still remember the first game at Maple Leaf Gardens after Ballard bought the Ticats, he had the Ticat logo plastered all over the Gardens, the Bruins were in town and when they played the National Anthem a couple of the Bruin players draped an Argo flag over the boards. Ballard was furious.

Does anyone else remember that? it was really funny at the time.

Perhaps the MLG Ltd ownership refers to Harold Ballard. Nobody can forget Ballard.

I wonder what Larry Tanenbaum thinks of a previous owner of the Leafs owning the Cats?

thanks PiCat/Mikem…For whatever reason, I did not equate Ballard with MLG

no wonder my teacher always called me special… :o
a double “DUH” for me.

I remember the Harold Ballard era well.

At one Quarterback club meeting, I won a drill and came to the front table to collect the prize where Harold and King were sitting and even got to shake King Clancy's hand in the process. He had the usual big smile and even said something to me that I don't remember now.

Some surprises in that list. Didn't know that John Michaluk (former host of the 5th quarter show) was actually a part owner of the team, or that some of these others like DeGroote and Braley owned the team for as long as they did.

Cool stuff. Thank you.

Are they “unknown” because you’ve forgotten who they were, or was the owner’s true identity a State Secret throughout that whole era?

sorry…can’t divulge such classified information as it could endanger my family… :wink:

actually, I have no idea who the proprietor of the Cats were during that period.
anyone here know?

Jake Gaudaur was an owner of the cats during the 60's until he became commissioner of the cfl

Harold Ballard was my favorite, great guy once you got to know him...."overpaid bums" gotta love him

I recall the Ballard years well too. There were many memorable events for me.

That Leafs-Ticats jacket Ballard is wearing above was one.

Tiger Williams of the Leafs skating by the Tiger logo painted on the ice at MLG and saluting it was another... he was called "Ticat" Williams for a while, until the league told Ballard to cancel the logo.

Seeing Ballard beaming as he held the Grey Cup in Vancouver was another.

The time he was in negotiations with the city and Mayor Bob Morrow about the rental charges for IWS and he threatened to pull the team out of Hamilton and move them to Varsity Stadium in Toronto... he even hired trucks and had team equipment pulled out. Result?...the city caved.

Hearing him say he knew little about football and so would leave the management to Joe Zuger as GM was a good thing.... he was a very "involved" owner of the Leafs, to say the least.

We went to 4 Grey Cups in his term as owner, winning in 1986. I always thought he was a clown and a bit of a buffoon, but what other ownership group has done so well?

Wiki says he was President and GM, although no mention of ownership here one way or the other.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jake_Gaudaur http://www.cfhof.ca/page/gaudaurjg

But there were no “private owners” before DeGroote, like most teams it was a nonprofit community ownership.
The community ownership group would elect a president.

Tiger cats had community ownership?? Really. Like the Packers?

Hmmmm. I need to brush up on my team’s history. I’m learning about a lot of stuff I didn’t know.

Maybe Bob the publisher can have a book written on the subject, if there isn’t one already.

Yup. My mom found an old book about Hamilton from the 60s, I think, and there was a bit in there about preventing the team from becoming privately owned.


This article says Ballard became part owner in 1961…

Of the laffs, not the Cats.

Yep, you’re correct as I read the article wrong…my apoligies.