TiCat OLine roster so far

explain to me again why jim popp dumped van zeyl for $40k so he be a starter for hamilton ? argos need o-line help and van zeyl would have been and anchor for argos - instead he goes to grey cup w/ hamilton - jim popp r u working for hamilton ?

That's why Jim Poop isn't working anywhere at this time. Lol

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I see that Cariel Brooks was extended on St. Pattys Day . Faith and

begorrah !

Paddy Lynch (the old Irish guy)

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Reviewing the roughly 30 new American TiCats, signed since the Grey Cup, I believe only one is an offensive lineman -- Justice Powers, signed in December. And, the only remaining AM OL from last year's team is Trevon Tate, who played just one game, when he started @ LT in Game 18, with nothing on the line, for the team, other than setting another club record for number of victories in a season.

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