TiCat OLine roster so far

Excluding long snappers , 10 of 12 OLinemen are Canadian . Gibbon, Okafor, and Golding have been depth guys ready to step in . Girard missed all of last year . Van Pelt and Lawley were practice roster guys showing promise .
Filer , Ciraco, Revenberg, and Van Zeyl are Cdn starters . Tate and Powers are American tackles .

I’m wondering “again” if this is the year we have an all Canadian OLine . There may be a hidden gem in the draft to add to our depth . Add our Cdn RBs and Tight end and you have the ratio covered on the Offence alone .

Just imagine the possibilities .

Pat Lynch (looking forward to the combine and the draft)

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Yeah, losing Matthews seemed bad at first. But he’s the only starting OL we lost with lots of talent ready to step up. This team is monstrous.

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We could, Okafor got some reps there, Gibbon played there in college and Spencer Wilson is still out there.

Gibbon played 32 games at LOT at Waterloo. Maybe he IS the answer for Mathews.

Yes Mike, Gibbon or Okafor could be the left tackle. Good point. If Girard is healthy he could also be in the mix .
I love the possibilities of 7 Canadians on the offence, alone . Kalinic and Thomas Erlington/ Irons starting is not a stretch ,

The D would have multiple combinations available.

Pat Lynch (the old Canadian guy)

as an argo fan i never understood letting cdn off lineman van zeyl go … very poor decision by popp

A friend of mine is a lineman coach with the Waterloo Warriors. He says that Gibbon has been working out in the off season at the Waterloo facilities. He said that after a year in the pros his skill, athleticism and size is exponentially greater then less then a year ago, and the Ticats “really like him”. He might be the answer.

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I like what all you guys are saying. A couple years ago when Okafor had to go in, it wasn’t a good thing at all. But more recently, he has held his own (bad wording when talking about an o-lineman). All the better if Gibbon is ready to go this year. Some good training camp competition and a decent 2nd stringer at left tackle.

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I believe Van Zeyl declined to take a pay cut so he was released. Sometimes Salary Management sucks from a Personnel standpoint.

he was due a $40k bonus
i dont see popp returning any of th 600k / yr [trestman logic 0 tell player bull and take all the u can]

i didnt see any issue w/ van zeyl’s play

and how well did the argo off line play in 2019 ?

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He was due a $40K report & pass the physical bonus, at the start of the Argos’ training camp and his contract was reported to pay him about $230K that ('19) season. I thought they let him go, to avoid paying the bonus, but it’s also possible they asked him to take a pay cut.

I remember the $40K bonus now. Thanks ottawacat and ivan_diablo. Again the SMS system sucks for teams when it comes to personnel decisions. I can only assume they released him to get under the maximum team salary limit for 2019. He was and is an all star OL.

Last year was the best O-Line in recent memory. I still have a soft-spot for Bomben. Maybe only in a back-up roll, given his age, but he was the best down-field O-Lineman we had.

Also - crazy to lose Van Zeyl over $40K.

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Remember if you go with a National starter you best be sure to have a National backup to replace him in case of injury.

I think this is too difficult at LT and asking a National rookie to step in and be effective is just about impossible.

Probably this is where the new rule for long term Americans replacing Canadian starters will be helpful?

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What National rookie are you talking about?

Just an earlier reference to the 2020 draft providing some OLine depth

Oh, I thought you were considering Gibbon and Okafor as rookies. I have had to correct people, that a player’s first year starting doesn’t make them a rookie.


CFL Transactions has Chris Van Zeyl being extended on Friday March 13 .

Not sure if this was revealed earlier .

Pat Lynch (news just keeps getting better)

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I hope all these restructured contracts(Van Zeyl, Simoni and Speedy) are thru the 2021 season and our hosting Grey Cup 2021! :tiger: