Ticat New Year's Resolutions

If you could convince the Tiger-Cat organization to make a single New Year’s resolution for 2019, what would it be?

Suggestion: It shouldn’t be “win the Grey Cup” because that’s an outcome. But it can be an action or decision that you think makes a Grey Cup win more likely - if that’s something you feel is important. Or maybe it’s something that will improve your experience as a fan.

New years resolution: All gas no brakes. Up by 40? Could be up by 50. Dont let up even a little bit

12 and 6 record would be nice!

Win or lose, to be competitive all game, every game.

Improve on the mediocre QB. For the love of god!

  1. 3rd and goal from the 1, Masoli QB sneak! 8)

  2. Burn the All White Unis, too stay puffft, Black and Gold are our Colours

Who would be your suggestions for improvement?

1st, 2nd, etc. But yes you nailed it. /ENDTHREAD

Funny thing is Jeremiah has all the tools to be a great sneak/option guy but not only is it rarely used but when it is used it’s been terribly unaffective.

This is getting out of hand.

Open the gates at home games earlier. Fans want in when they get to the park; they don’t want to stand around like a herd of cattle waiting for the fence to be moved. Start fueling and feeding the masses earlier. Make some more money! Only too often the slowness of the entry security check causes a huge backup of fans in line and the game starts with long lines still at the gate. Fans don’t get in until the game is 5-8 minutes old and many of them will scoot right past the concessions and go directly to their seat.

If they could somehow implement a better tailgate experience. I know some local Bills fans who love the whole gameday experience in Buffalo but think the Cats in comparison is a joke. The tailgating at Scott Park was not too bad but it needs to be a bigger part of the culture rather than just fans walking in and out of the stadium. Not only is it fun but helps to build a certain camaraderie.

I was at a Buffalo Sabres game recently and met some people who flew in from Los Angeles just to witness the Bills tailgating and game experience. That is quite the marketing strategy if it attracts random curious fans from all over the country.

Drastically change your personnel/management department. Specifically, the amount of sway the coaching staff appear to have over personnel and raise expectations both on free agency performance and the roster we have at the start of the season.

Another year of tripping at the starting line due to personnel gaps should be met with firings.

I have 9 of them ?

  1. Sign an elite DE pass rusher.
    They teased me when they traded for Charleston Hughes and then traded him away the same day.

  2. Sign SpeedyB, Simoni, Dean, and Breaux ( If he doesn’t get NFL interest) for sure must signings.

  3. Bring back the Cheerleaders and a new Pigskin Pete.

  4. Bring back fan day at Mac before the season . Would love to see the Black and Gold game but they don’t allow contact as per CFL rules so a touch game might be too lame.

  5. Organize Bus trips to and from Eastern Division rivals.

  6. Have student discount on tickets and party buses at Mac, Mohawk, and Brock.

  7. Bring in some good bands starting 2 hours before the game to attract more fans and create a party / tailgate atmosphere.

Canadian bands like The Guess Who, Rush ( should be able to convince Geddy and Alex to come over from TO fir a gig ), Our Lady Peace, 54-40, Spirit of the West, Tom Cochrane, April Wine, Trooper, The Spoons, Avril Lavigne, Kim Mitchell, Morisette , Blue Rodeo , Triumph, Lee Aaron, The Headstones. Would sell alot of Beer and Food and make a ticket to a game a hot ticket.

They could sell seperate tickets at say $10 and a minimum of one drink ticket or a ticats store gift certificate to get in two hours early to see the concert. People with only game tickets only get in an hour before the game.

I think most of these bands would bring in at least 10,000 fans to come early to see these quality bands. Maybe I am aiming too high with some of the bands and there could be some younger bands and country bands. Also have more concerts at Tim Horton’s field where a previous Ticat’s game ticket stub gives you a discount.

8 Make more noise and bring more noise makers. Sell more noise makers in the stadium and at the ticats store.

Tim Horton’s field has to become louder and more intimidating like Ivor Wynne used to be. It should be a hostile crowd to the opponent. The concerts and earlier booze sales and student party buses should all aid in a louder and more rowdy atmosphere. I am from Hamilton and live in Toronto now. The ticat games are now the same as going to an argo game with a lot less noise, and rowdy environment and too many fans sitting on their hands or act like they are watching live theatre or going out to eat at Milestones.

The games at Ivor Wynne used to be like going to a tough packed country bar . The labor day game used to be like a big Octoberfest where there were countlesss fights in the stands with plenty of cops and ejections. We also had fights and srubs on the field .

I don’t condone fighting but those games sure had alot of tough looking drunk guys so Argo fans or other teams fsns must have had some fear. Now we don’t have nearly as many drunk steel workers at the ganes like at Ivor Wynne.

Yet I still think we have to be more passionate and louder than white collar conservative Torontonians.

9 Raise the bar to expect better than a .500 team and sellouts and more noise and passion and more effort on the gameday experience with bands and half time shows .

“Drunk steel workers” ?? Really. The Caretaker is offering family entertainment and you want the Oakland Raiders, Los Angeles Raiders, Oakland Raiders, San Diego Raiders, and Las Vegas Raiders spiked up fans ?

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

You bit on that eh?

Crash (can’t respond to half of this stuff anymore)

Gerbear, ideas 1-7 excellent. 8 and 9, not so much. Tim Hortons field is plenty loud and intimidating when the team is doing well and the fans are engaged, but recent mediocrity has dulled our senses. And the drunken brawls are gratefully becoming a thing of the past. I like bringing my kids without fear of assault.


  1. Yes, I agree, they should ban all alcoholic beverages from the games !!

That will undoubtedly stop all the drunken steelworkers and morons from attending the
games anymore !!! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: :wink: :-[

We can all watch the games in peace and quiet !! :smiley:

  1. Sign elite players
  2. But also re sign elite players.
  3. OMG why did they release trade/player x !!!

HTC fans vis roster management in three sentences.