Ticat Nation...

For those who went to the game last night… Great job with bringing the noise :thup: :thup: :rockin: :rockin:

You were so much louder than the Argos fans, it wasn’t even close!

Well done and thanks!!! :rockin:

My daughter and her friend were at the game last night and she immediately called me after the final whistle and held her phone up so I could hear all the OSKEE-WEE-WEES being shouted in the background. Believe me it was LOUD !!! and it made me PROUD !!!! Thanks sweetheart :smiley: You made your Dads night with that call :smiley: OSKEE-WEE-WEE !!! GO CATS GO :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

On the radio you could totally hear how much louder the Ticat fans were. When Toronto scored or made a big play it wasn't nearly as loud of a crowd reaction. Same with penalties... the ones that went in Hamilton's favour got the same bigger cheers.

Great job Ticat fans!

BTW... the attendance was only 17,600, so that means there were at least 8,000-9,000 Ticat fans.

We were loud it was an awesome feel there for once usually hate the Dome wish we had a broom Emoji :slight_smile:

The Argo noise was artificial. Mainly the product of the stadium loudspeakers and some idiots in the corner with a giant drum. Their fans don't really understand about making noise.

The Ticat noise was pure and sweet (and yes, louder than their fake noise).

It's great to see that our MOP candidate is both a threat at home and on the road. I can see an all star berth at a minimum for him, but won't be surprised if he is at least the Eastern Representative for MOP.

Way to go MOP - 13th man. You brought your A game last night.


I was standing in the Flight Deck area under the jumbotron, and it was clear to me that the Ticats fans on my right were much louder than the Argos on my left. That said, the few Argos fans that actually turned up were far from pathetic. The 8,000 or so of them that actually still show up are the die-hards.

As for the artificial noise, there was certainly crowd noise being pumped in during the team and player introductions at the start of the game; it sounded like the crowd was roaring on the Ticats' sideline which clearly wasn't the case. That stopped once the game started, I felt, and the crowd noise seemed genuine.

yep is was a great night and even if the Cats lost it was well worth the trip close games own!!!

I was at the game and felt the Argos fans were a little louder than any other time i have been there but the Drums helped their noise level so does that mean we can bring drums into THF