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I am a Ticat fan living in Edmomnton. Is it only me? But I really have a hard time finding any Ticat merchandise anywhere out here. I have gone to the Ticat store (online) but can't seem to get a catalog and can only purchase what they have. I want to find the little things like face paint, Palm palms, tiger paws the hair you know the things you use to get game ready. Now I understand that they have a roar store is this the same store as the one online? And does anyone know where a guy can get Ticat stuff out west? Its pretty sad when one goes to Sask to see the Ticats play and find a hat at a gas station in Regina. Plz help a Fan locate Ticats merchandise.

tnash, give Game On Sports a try in West Edmonton Mall. They won't have all the specialty items you're looking for, but that one has a better selection than the one in Londonderry Mall. Another decent store is Jersey City in Kingsway Garden Mall. They might carry a few specialty TiCat items as well. Other than that, I would agree that online shopping might be your best bet if you can't find what you want. Best of luck to you, and enjoy Etown!! 8) :wink:

This is a pet peeve of mine--the unavailability of CFL merchandise in even the CFL cities. You can find NFL and even NCAA jerseys, caps, t-shirts, etc. everywhere but try and find anything CFL and you're out of luck. Why doesn't Canadian Tire, Walmart, Zellers, Costco, Sam's Club, Sears, the Bay, etc. etc. carry any CFL stuff?

The teams' marketing people really are not getting their brand out there for the public to see and buy.

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Bob's Ticats tried Sports Obssessions' in the big malls.

The young salespeople there were used to selling
the merchandise of the super hyped U.S. teams
along with the Toronto Maple Leafs in the hockey season.

That's what they grew up with
and that's where the money was.

In season, they had Ticat stuff, but around Christmas
you had to search for what they had in the back.


CFL merchandise is high priced
and not likely something that

lower end stores like Walmart
and Zellers would want to stock.

CFL merchandise is high priced and not likely something that

lower end stores like Walmart
and Zellers would want to stock.

Mostly but not wholly true. Sears sells some CFL stuff for kids - not high end, expensive stuff like jerseys but basic everyday stuff like sweatshirts and tshirts at Sears-level prices. I've noticed it and picked up some for the kids in the Mapleview Mall store. In late spring they seem to get a load or two of Argos and Ticat stuff and when it's gone it's gone - if you wait until the season starts you're SOL.

I assume the CFL isn't stupid enough to not want to have a line of cheap licensed stuff to sell in the big retailers like the other leagues do. Whether the big volume-driven chain retailers want it or not might be another story.

I've seen some CFL and Tiger-Cat shirts in Giant Tiger, lol.

I wanted Ticat golf head covers for my birthday, but my wife couldn't find any on Ticats.ca or the CFL website. Hard to believe.

Getting your stuff into the hands of kids is a no-lose proposition. The league and its teams should be selling this stuff on a cost recovery basis without an eye to making huge profits. The profits will come in the form of a young, growing fan base for its product--CFL football. They need to do a lot more in terms of making this stuff available everywhere at decent prices.

And where is that xbox CFL game we've been hearing about for 2 years now? Kids love those things. Again, the league is not doing nearly enough to cultivate a younger fanbase.

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So I guess my question is .... why do they not set up a booth at the away games for fans not living in the Team city so they can pick up there favorite teams merchandise? I would love to see a TiCat booth at an Edmonron game.....Nobody Blows Like an Eskimo.... LOL

I doubt selling a couple hats and a t-shirt will cover the cost of shipping merchandise and paying someone to sell it.

I got a Mass jersey (I know, I know...lol) from Jersey City in the West Edmonton mall. They only had the jersey cause he had played for the Eskies the year before.

I do know what you're going through...I went through it when I was out west to...

1 of the best CANADIAN owned and Licenced distributor is Rivercity Sports based out of Winnipeg. They are FAN-tastic. I've used them via on-line ordering and also stopped in at their store when I was at the Grey Cup in Winnipeg...They rock. Plus, they have so much more including NHL, and NFL and more....go to their website and see for yourself via Google or click on: