TiCat Merch at the Dome - STAFF Must Read

Ticats Staff,

Every year I go to all the Ticats Argos games in Toronto - as with a large group of us. There is never any Ticat merchandise for sale at the games.,..countless times I've search with zero results.

THIS GAME I have a group of 10+ coming to cheer on the Ticats, some from USA others from around the GHTA. At least five of them have asked or stated that "they will buy a ticat shirt or colors before kickoff". Please let us know if there will be anywhere to buy ticat gear around the Rogers Centre Sunday. Do not let this chance pass by....Bob Young will be ashamed.

Try the BLUE JAYS / ARGO store out side [connected to the R.C.] at the North east end [facing south] top near gates 1 & 2.
I know that you can get BILLS stuff there. :roll: Complain to them.
There is also a bigger Blue Jay / Argos / Bills store inside the the R.C. at gate 5. Also complain to them about the lack of TI-CAT , stuff.

You will likely be out of luck, it's hard enough to have Rogers let the Argos carry merch, nevermind the Ti-Cats.

Merchandise is also available 24 hours a day,7 days a week online…and at hundreds of other retail outlets…and on Jarvis st and…

Great point, the merchandise at Stadiums is jacked up in price, TigerTown Jarvis always has Great Deals :thup: Plus Season Ticket Holders get a Discount !! :rockin:

If your currently in Hamilton you can also swing into a Sports Check they had ticat get right as you walk into the store.

Gents - thanks for the replies. But you seem to be missing the point. The TICATS are losing out on merch sales with the lack of availability. As mentioned, much of the group I am bringing lives outside Hamilton, they will not be getting merch at 1 Jarvis or SportChecks in the hamilton area.

There needs to be a tent set-up around the stadium at the very least. I know they have the merchandise trailers ready to rock.....think cash TC

Does any team in any sport do this? Do you go to a Leafs-Habs game in Toronto and see Habs merch being sold outside? Do you see a Red Sox tent outside the Dome when they go to Toronto to play the Jays? Is there a ton of Eskimos stuff on sale outside McMahon Stadium? Not sure why you would expect the Ti-Cats to do this. If it was cost effective, you'd see other teams do it or the Cats would have done it previously.

indeed they do! ^^^. Usually there is a generally merchadise stand somewhere in the stadium. As there is in toronto, there is nfl, nba, nhl, and argos gear (no other CFL)

Not to mention that the Ticats would have to get a permit from the City of Toronto to be a vendor on the street there. Not going to happen. There is no opportunity to be missed for the Ticats.

If any sports shop in Toronto near the RC wants to stock and sell Ticats gear, they can. Maybe even inside the stadium. If not, you're out of luck I'm afraid.

I remember last year wandering around the Grey Cup festival that there seemed to be a lot of Sports stores in the area, hat stores, etc, and they carried A LOT of different styles for all teams. Worth a look?

do your friends not have the w.w.w?
You said you have tried several times.
Must you buy a hat at the game?
There are hundreds of alternatives.

Try your local Pioneer gas station. They support the Cats and carry some shirts and hats.

Im fairly sure each CFL team only sells its own brand at each venue , the only time you will find both teams merch is at the GC