Ticat Matechuk arrested at US border for steroid possession

From the Toronto Star:

United States Customs and Border Protection announced Tuesday that Hamilton Tiger-Cats long-snapper Jordan Matechuk was arrested at the International Bridge border crossing last month for possession of steroids.

Matechuk, from Yorkton, Sask., was stopped at the border crossing on May 31. According to a release from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, officers seized a total of 543 anabolic steroid pills, 262 millilitres of anabolic steroids in liquid form, 1.25 grams of marijuana, 19 syringes, and 51 replacement needles after an inspection.

Matechuk was arrested and turned over to the Sault Ste Marie Police Department.

“Anabolic steroids are a Schedule III controlled substance,? said CBP spokesperson Devin Chamberlain. “It is illegal to be in possession of such without a prescription.?

Messages left with the Tiger-Cats were not returned.

Matechuk signed with the Ticats on Aug. 29, 2008. He played in all 18 games last season as a long-snapper. The Ticats’ website also lists him as a linebacker.


Will they ever learn. . . geez

So stupid...

Well done indeed. Way to commit career suicide.

WOW.And to think, I respected the guy so much.I know that may not mean anything to anyone here but it does to me.
Now who do we get as a LS?That Kevin Scott guy or does Matt Kirk take over when he returns?

Well, I'm a firm believer in innocence until proven guilty...but uhhh this one doesn't really leave a lot of doubt. Shameful, I expect him to be suspended indefinitely until convicted and then immediately cut.

And a little herb in there for good measure, brutal.

...you'd think that after what happened to Yonus Davis, formerly of the leos, that guys like Matechuck would take notice...I guess it just doesn't sink in.....IT AIN'T WORTH IT....and if you can't play the game legit. ...move on...I hope he straightens out but you got to believe his career is in tatters now...Stupidity :thdn:

He's very fortunate that that US border control turned him over to Canadian law enforcement instead of the DEA...

Sigh....seems not.....

Probably, but, remember Ricky Williams? Some one desperate might pick him up. After all he is a Non-Import.

Without getting into it, I'm told by people that knew him that this is not a surprise...

He's a sub-par LB that could only make the team as a long snapper. He should have thought of that before trying something so stupid.

Not so fortunate anymore... the US has issued an arrest warrant for him as well

He's already been cut. He didn't inform the team of his circumstances, didn't show for camp, so regardless of criminal innocence or guilt he's broken the team rules and is gone.