Ticat Marketing

I think this is really good marketing by the club. A good move by Molson's too!!

Cats brew up promotional frenzy with Molson's

Hamilton can expect to hear the Tigers roar in an unprecedented fashion over the next eight weeks as the club makes a concerted bid to add significantly to its current 14,500 season ticket base.

The new downtown offices are just part of a four-prong announcement by the club. Other details include:

  • A major new sponsorship with Molson's Brewery which ends the club's long involvement with Labatts. As part of the pact, the club will hold a number of promotional events with Molson and sell the brewery's products exclusively at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

  • A two-week Paint the Town Black and Gold promotional blitz for later this month which will give Hamiltonians two to three chances a day to meet the club's marquee players at various locations and win prizes.

  • In what the organization hopes will become an annual event, the Ticats will hold a State of the Franchise Night tentatively set for May 9th which will give Tabbie fans a chance to pose questions directly to owner Bob Young, club president Scott Mitchell, GM Marcel Desjardins, head coach Charlie Taaffe and the rest of his coaching staff and players. The event is expected to take place at the Hamilton Convention Centre.

The Cats also plan to launch a six-figure advertising campaign this week leading up to the start of the June 2 training camp, expected to be held for the fourth year at McMaster University.

The Cat president wouldn't disclose what the new beer partnership is worth other than that it is significant.

"Molson really came in aggressively and portrayed how important our business was to them, it was a major financial commitment on their behalf and we're excited to do some things with them to leverage our brand with them," he said.

Mitchell said the organization is excited about the Paint the Town Black and Gold, expected to take place April 16 to 27.

"It's a new fun thing. I don't think anyone around the league has done something like this for some time or if they ever have.

"It's going to be fun. It's something for us to get all our players out in the community. It's going to give us a chance to get involved in the community and do a lot of fun, corporate and community events," he said.

Mitchell said State of the Franchise will be a chance to let prospective fans provide some input.

"We don't get a chance to portray our thoughts directly to the fans all that often. More than anything else it is meant to be a fun event and the ability for our fans to meet the people involved in the organization."

Neat stuff. Gone are the days, hopefully never to return, of the team begging for money as one guy I know told me once about the TiCats knocking on his front door asking for money or so he told me anyways, he found that pathetic for a pro team. This guy is eating his words now!!

This all bodes well for the Ticats and the City of Hamilton and the fans.

Oh sure, there will still be those that bash the team, the owner and the coaches and management and some that won't like the beer...but the "writing is on the wall". The "I want a Grey Cup" now bunch! :roll:

Bob Young is building the fan base and looking to long-term viability culminating in a winner on the field and off!


Forgot "...and bash the QB".

I wonder if this is beer wars. Since Labatt bought out Lakeport, maybe Molsons is counting on Hamiltonians' loyalty being up for grabs now.

"A two-week Paint the Town Black and Gold promotional blitz"

I hope this isn't homeless guys and graffitti punks running around with black and gold spary cans......:slight_smile:

Just want to say that I was thoroughly impressed recently with the TiCats organization and how it was a pleasure to do business on the phone discussing my renewal of seasons tickets, just first class all the way. We downgraded this year because of personal finances and they more than took the time to discuss with me different seats in the stadium and what would be the best fit. Nice not to be hurried by a salesman but actually someone who wanted to cater to our needs! :thup:

Right on Que! :lol: :lol: New name...same old "Dork"! :lol: :lol: And as usuall...doesn't quote the whole quote! :roll:

Using the whole quote wasnt necessary. All I said was add bashing the QB to your list of things you said were being "bashed".A traditon here which is as long or longer than the examples you listed.

I wonder if this is beer wars. Since Labatt bought out Lakeport, maybe Molsons is counting on Hamiltonians' loyalty being up for grabs now.
I think the timing of all this is RIGHT! :thup:

I think that Molson beer easily out sold Lakeport in the Hamilton area. Lakeport just appeals for people looking for the cheap beer.

Not sure which beer is better, Molsons or Labatts - Blue vs Canadian, 50 vs Ex? Most Molson and Labatts beers are the same taste.
I prefer Guiness, Kilkenny, Keiths, Creemore.

A tip of the hat to Bob Young and the Ticat organization on the marketing initiatives announced today. This should be a very positive development for the Ticats and for Hamilton- restoring the roar and the core one step at a time!

Hey, if the TiCat offices have a pub or bar in there, I might stop in once in a while and have a pop or two. It’ll give me a reason for going downtonwn more. :wink:

Red Cap for the Lulu employees.