TiCat Jerseys

I will NEVER buy a personalized ti-cat jersey again!
I spent a small fortune on Zeke jerseys for my kids. Never again!!!!!

I don't blame you. I just keep a blank jersey because there are new players every year.

For me, I had my Winfield forever....then I went with Danny Mac which I also had forever....but lately I've been striking out all over the place.

Someone please feel my pain....my last four jerseys have been (and in order), Brazzell (don't ask....I thought he was going to be special after watching him at training camp), Holmes, Maas, and now Moreno. I'm sick to my stomach right now as I just bought that jersey two months ago.

i know my todd bankhead shirt wasn't worth it.
yeah that sucks a lot of of zeke fans out there who thought he'd be around here longer than 1 and a half seasons.