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I would like to know what to wear for the up coming season. Last year i purchased a Cory Holmes jersey and now he is no longer with the team. Can i still wear his jersey or should i purchase a new one. If i am to purchase a new one, whose jersey should i get? Will that player be around for me to keep wearing his number. I sit in box C, do they have a common theme in that area like the box J boys or the box eh men? Please advise.

You should only buy a new one if you want to. There is nothing wrong with wearing a jersey of someone who is no longer here. People do it all the time. If you are buying a new jersey, I'd suggest that you get a number without a name because God only knows who will still be here by the time the season starts. Nothing that I know if in box C. You should try to come up with something.

Lumsden will be safe for years.
Printers, Moreno, or be the first in your row to get a Dylan Barker.
He will be a very popular player.

In the world of pro football nothing is safe....

A player can get injured or lose his effectiveness....

I don't care if its Printers or Jesse or Moreno or Setta, If you don't produce you are GONE! No garanteed contracts up here

If you wanna be safe go with a classic!...Mosca, Zuger Danny Mac, anybody on the wall of fame.

can't go wrong there

Borehamgirl - i disagree you CANNOT wear a jersey of a player who is no longer with the club. The only exception is if the player is a Hall of Famer ie Henly, Mosca etc. I have a Tay Cody jersey from last year. The only way I can wear it is if I can take the name off. Otherwise I’ll have to invest in a new one. Another rule is you cannot put tape over the name. That’s my POV

Well in4td, I appear to be batting 1000 today..lol. THAT is why you shouldn't put a name on the jersey. When I finally do remember to get mine numbered the only name I'd put on it is Claridge. I fully understand your point, but I wouldn't buy a new one just because there person is no longer here. Has Holmes even signed anywhere after his release from SSK??

Best Bid it get Jersey with you own Name on it

I agree getting a jersey with a name on it can tend to "date" the jersey and make it obsolete.

I play it safe and have gone the "anonymous" route by just having a number (and no name) that's carried well thru the years with quality TiCat players... #77.

'60s - Hal Patterson
'70s - Tony Gabriel
'80s - Grover Covington
'90s - Mike Philbrick
2000s... ??? yet to be determined.


Borehamgirl - Claridge would be a good one to put on your jersey. I do agree with you regarding putting a name on the jersey. Wish I didn't might have saved me a few buck. I spent $160 on my jersey and got half a year out of it. Maybe I'll just get Hobart on the back now. lol

I am going to have to agree with 'in4td'.

With sports jerseys a part of fashion and pop culture nowadays, as well as, being a major part of showing your loyalty, there are some rules you have to follow.

No blank jerseys, and no getting your own name on the back of it.

When you buy a jersey you run the risk of choosing a player that may not be with the team for a long time. In today's free agent landscape, more often than not, that is going to happen.

But thems the breaks. (Says the guy with a Jason Maas jersey and his girlfriend with a Tay Cody jersey)

  • paul (now the guy with a #1 Printers jersey)

I have my jersey with my name and number on it what is the problem with that?

It is the only smart way to actually know that you will not have to buy a new jersey every year or 2. I was actually debating on gettin a Yeast jersey but they said it would cost the same amount if I just put what ever I wanted on my own jersey. So now I have #88 and Bonds on my jersey and I'm happy cuz I would have been in the same boat as some of you guys that need to get a new jersey. :smiley:

And being on a boat would mean I would be a Boat Man and we all know how much they S**K :lol:

if you really want a name on the back why not " HAMILTON " !! with your fav number

how bout name: LAST
#: 8


u ever seen that guy with the argos jersey that reads;
name: ticatssuck
#: 48-0


drummer god
Let me guess what's on the back of your jersey MORON # 1

Your biggest fan.......

Ive got a 11 Kevin Mass jersey....sigh :frowning:

I'm thinking Dylan or Bauman this year...and hopefully Mariusz hangs around. I was close to getting an Armour jersey, but we know how that turned out...

Is that a combination of Kevin Eakin and Jason Maas?

Whoopsies....my bad

I have a friend named Kevin Mass....
I meant Jason Mass...lol

You gotta love some of these rules about names on sweaters.If you're a TiCat fan,you are a member of the team in my view.Choose your favourite player's number(Bobbie Kuntz) and put your own name on the back.Problem solved!
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7)

Last year Cabbie from The Score was at the Labour Day game in the endzone interviewing fans with regards to the proper etiquette of jerseys and whether or not you should get your own name on the back. The fans he interviewed gave a resounding no to the question. The best part was Cabbie was wearing a #56 "Richards" Ticat jersey as he interviewed the people.

So to each his/her own I suppose. It's just a matter of personal opinion. You know what they say about opinions...

I personally wouldn't do it, but hey, no one is going to stop you!

  • paul

I have too many Different TiCat Game Worn and Personalised Jerseys to pick from, I put one on as I feel Happy. BUT this one is my Fav: