Ticat jerseys...

Well I just got paid yesterday and I need a new Ticat jersey! Season ticket holder and im definetely needing a new one considering the current one I have is older and getting worn down, so just wondering if anyone could tell me where the best place is to purchase a ticat jersey price wise, so who offers the best prices on jerseys, that would be great! thanks, adam

sports obsession

Game worn jerseys can be bought at the store at the TiCat offices. I believe they go for a little over $100. Names have been removed but the quality of them is top notch.

Go to the Ti-Cats store and order a custom jersey with your favourite number and name. I did that instead of getting a players jersey because they don't seem to stick around here to long.

It took 3 weeks for them to finish it and I couldn't be more happy with it, all stiched so its very durable and only cost the price of the jersey and $60 for the customizing. About $175 after tax but very worth it!

Wait until after Labour Day and they will be giving them away.

just like argo tickets

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I just got my jersey from sports obsession. It was the same price as at the Ticat stores, but I got it in just under 2 weeks. They had some of the popular players already done up like Lumsden, but I sent a blank jersey away with any player and number I wanted. I decided to get Chris Bauman. It looks great!