Ticat Injury Update

In an interview with Ted Michaels on The Tiger-Cat Show on CHML radio earlier today, Coach Marshall updated the Ticat injury situation:

-Corey Holmes has resumed running and should be in the lineup for the Calgary game;

-middle linebacker Bobby Brooks sprained his ankle in the Montreal game but will probably be ready to play on Friday;

-offensive tackle Damion Cook injured his ankle and will not play against Calgary;

-Scott Gordon injured his knee and it is doubtful that he will play the next game.

Thanks for the update. It will help a lot to have Holmes and Brooks in the lineup.

Brooks is a game changer all right BG!

CH ,we'll see,lets hope so!

You're welcome, borehamgirl. Yes, Holmes will add a spark to the offence and Brooks has been a positive force on defence.

By the way, Coach Marshall also said that import offensive tackle Jamal Powell might be ready to be added to the active roster for the Calgary game.

Great to Hear Holmes will be back

Good point. Fire Marshall anyway!

Thanks for the Info ! Now I can pull the trigger on a deal. This one may be interesting for all you Ti-Cat fans ;
To the Pyromaniacs (the other guy):
Warren Rb BC , Flick Wr Ham & Congi Pk SK
To the Apocalyptic Horsemen (Me):
Ranek Rb Ham, Vaughn Sb Ham & McCallum Pk BC
Would do ya think ? I'm tried of waiting for Warren to get demoted. At least I know Ranek is safe, and maybe I can trade for Holmes. I'm also sick of Marshall underutilizing Flick, it's a PPR league so Vaughn is money ! (if not a hugh threat like Flick) I give up some at kicker, but who cares about Kicker. Besides Jamie is on the Wire....where I left him ! Kid looked on Thursday though.

Can somebody translate that for us please ??

He's in a fantasy football league and he's asking for some advice about a trade he's trying to make.

I wouldn't be so quick to trade Flick if I were you BB, he may be underused right now but you just know that he's going to break out and make up for it with the big plays he's famous for.

PS I sitll hope your team loses.. :stuck_out_tongue:

I heard somewhere that Cook has fractured his ankle and could be gone for several months. Can't remember where I heard it but I'll try to confirm at some point.

I thought I heard that on the 5th Quarter. But on the Tiger-Cats Show, I believe they said it was a sprain.

I could be wrong, though...

Your probably right about DJ, Borehamgirl, but with Lancaster comin' in I couldn't lay off "the littl' ball of hate". Warren could see the bench soon...and that ain't so cool !
Anyway, the Pyro's had second thoughts so we worked out an alternate deal, less beneficial to me but again , I HAD to score Ranek.

To the Horsemen (me):
Josh Ranek Rb Ham
Thyrone Anderson Wr Mtl
To the Pyro's :
Antonio Warren Rb BC
Joe Smith Rb BC
DJ Flick Wr Ham

I wouldn't give up Congi without gettin' Vaughn in the deal.