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From Drew Edwards

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[b]Let’s start with the good news. All-star linebacker Simoni Lawrence and receiver Terrence Toliver both returned to practice on Wednesday, one day after sitting out Tuesday’s session.

And we’re done.

The list of players still out with injury is still mind-boggling long and it is, somewhat improbably, getting longer.

Toliver still seems limited. Guard Peter Dyakowski, receiver Luke Tasker, running backs C.J. Gable and Ross Schuerman and safety Courtney Stephen are no-shows for the second straight day. Receiver Chad Owens has already been ruled out for Saturday’s game against Saskatchewan.

To make matter worse, receiver Junior Collins, who went down with an injury late in Tuesday’s practice, is absent today. The team also placed Canadian receiver Matt Coates on the six-game injured list. To fill his spot, they moved national receiver Mike Jones from the practice roster to the active roster.[/b]

It looks like we will have a very different lineup fielded in SSK.

This is familiar territory for us. It's almost felt odd that we have not been hearing about injuries every week this year like in past seasons. Now we're back to normal - where you know for a fact that a guy like Schuerman finished the last game healthy and yet somehow turns up injured before the next game.

I don't think we'll get much sympathy from Sask fans though, after all the injuries they've faced this year.

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#TIcats head coach Kent Austin says RB Ross Scheuerman, OL @PeterDyakowski, S Courtney Stephen all out Saturday vs. #Riders. #CFL

Doesn't mention Tasker so that is a good thing

Spoke too soon! :frowning:

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Status of #Ticats RB @CJ_Gable and REC Luke Tasker vs #Riders still uncertain, Austin says. #CFL

Early season games are just as important as late season games. Win early and often and a string of injuries, like this, won't hurt as much as these may well on this .500 team, heading into a close, final third of the season, fight for playoff qualifying and positioning. Believing, as Austin has said he does...... "The most important thing is that we're healthy and playing our best football going into the playoffs" ......... is not as easy to control and accomplish as being prepared, from off season recruiting and training camp, to win early and often.

When and how did Schuerman get injured? He was fine after the game and in his post-game scrum. Hurt in practice? But he didn't go to practice? Sounds like a Star Trek conundrum.

Injuries happen when a team plays with their heads up their butts!

The hourly forecast for Regina on Saturday evening "hurts" too:

Possibility of Rain - 80 to 90% - throughout the game
Wind - NW @ 35 km/hr (That's pretty much directly down the field, favouring the team on the left of you TV screen)

Key to victory: Win the coin toss

...and run the ball.


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Still no Luke Tasker at practice for the #Ticats. I would say he's very doubtful vs. #Riders #CFL

Holy, we have half the team shinning the pines. :cowboy:

Latest update from Drew
Your daily (worrisome) Ticats injury update

The Ticats practiced Thursday for a third and final time before this weekend’s clash against the Saskatchewan Roughriders. The injury news has not improved.

Hamilton is already without receiver Chad Owen, safety Courtney Stephen, running back Ross Schuerman and guard Peter Dyakowski. But the bubble players – running back C.J. Gable and receiver Luke Tasker – missed their third straight day while another starting receiver, Terrence Toliver, missed Thursday’s session. He’s now missed two of three on-field sessions this week.

With Owens, Tasker and Toliver all potentially down, look for John Chiles and Junior Collins – who practiced Thursday after missing Wednesday – to play Saturday with Brandon Banks getting extra time on offence.

On the plus side, the defensive unit looks intact with linebacker Simoni Lawrence practicing for the second straight day.

If Tasker is indeed out – and don’t expect head coach Kent Austin to confirm it today– Andy Fantuz will likely serve as the holder for Brett Maher on field goals. Fantuz has experience with the role – he held for Luca Congi in both Saskatchewan and Hamilton – but hasn’t held for Maher.

The Ticats also practiced with noise at practice this week, the first time they’ve done that this season.

The team also announced the signing of American receiver Gavin Lutman to the team’s practice roster.

Lutman, 25, spent time with the National Football League’s Minnesota Vikings and Tennessee Titans during the 2015 season but did not play. The 6-2, 211-pound wide receiver was originally signed as an undrafted free agent by Minnesota on May 6, 2015.

He spent five years (2010-14) at Pittsburg State University, playing in 45 games and registering 130 receptions for 2,068 yards and 18 touchdowns.

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In Rider news, it looks like ex-TiCat DE Eric Norwood will get his first start on Saturday against us. :frowning:

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/riders-tigercats-cfl-debut-1.3773082]http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatche ... -1.3773082[/url]

Here are the Rod "POM POM" Pedersen's Rodservations

[url=http://www.rodpedersen.com/2016/09/thursday-rodservations_22.html]http://www.rodpedersen.com/2016/09/thur ... ns_22.html[/url]

[b][i]6 - Something special IS going on with this football club right now, in case you hadn't noticed or heard. The intensity at Wednesday's practice was Grey Cup-worthy as the Offense-vs-Defense period came down to a 31-31 tie. The concept is, the competition stands no matter if it's the 1st string, 2nd string or 3rd stringers going "12-on-12". If the offense gets 4 yards or more, they get a point. If the defense holds them to under 4 yards, they get a point.

So again, the session came down to a 31-31 draw and the score is tallied on the SaskTel Maxtron for the world to see. (Offense is always 'Visitors' and Defense is always 'Home'). From what I could see, the players were all over Head Coach Chris Jones, begging him to run one more play to decide the winner. The winners, or course, are bought chicken dinner by the losers.

And the winners on Wednesday were the Defense. They went bananas. Offensive coordinator Stephen McAdoo was running around screaming that they'd been robbed! It was hilarious.

"It was just like the feeling we had coming out of training camp," smiled Jones afterwards, recalling a time when the dreams of a season had yet spilled down on the floor (to quote Ian Tyson).[/i][/b]

I liked this response from the readers column

GPB said...
So the Rider defense can beat the Rider offense by one point. What an accomplishment. I can see why that would be worthy of so much celebrating.
September 22, 2016

Sounds like Pedersen's on the sauce.

I heard on TSN 1150 radio today that Owens is out for many games (I think they said it could be up to eight games) with an ankle issue. They also said that Chiles and Junior Collins will play in Saskatchewan Saturday, which I'm excited to see.

If the report is correct on Owens and it is 8 weeks(or games) than that's basically the season done for him. It looks like the only way we might see CO2 again this season is if we make it through to BMO for the Grey Cup either that or he is a fast healer and comes back before the eight weeks are up. It does Suck though because CO2 was having up til this injury a stellar campaign this season for us and was on pace to go over 1000+ yds in receiving for the year.

Holy crap! All these guys out - thank goodness Zach is still with us. :thup: Oskee wee wee for Saturday!

Yup !!! It should make for a very interesting depth chart indeed when it comes out tomorrow.

I think it's safe to say that we will probably be seeing more than a few new faces in the lineup for Saturday nights game.

And now CO2 has been placed on the six game.