ticat greats' weird undeserving departures

as someone already mentioned, troy davis' stay in steeltown was ended prematurely and unceremoniously by one man-RL. RL let his ego get in the middle of discussions and eventually was overcome by it so much that he decided that the cats did not need him anymore,for what? a couple thousand dollars? the backfield has not been the same since that modern day warrior #32 left.
it's also too bad that the greatest rush end in cat history left the way he did too-#53.again, RL grew to dislike #53 so much that he was instrumental in the way joe was treated. it really didn't have to end like that for two of the greatest tiger-cats ever.

organizations usually offer players a position after their greAT careers end. edm. with hervey, kepley
montreal with okeke. what about the tiger-cats?
montford, davis, hitchcock,and even archie amerson.a guy that gave so much is not even linked with the club
except for his name being all over the receiving records.

too bad.


Actually we got Maas back from Edmonton in the covoluted deal. Call it a bad trade but it wasn't anywhere near what you describe

Every player you mentioned maybe had one year left in the tank after they left.

#53 Joe Montford has no one but himself to blame for his departure from the Ticats......his demise had nothing to do with Ron Lancaster....

Football is a business.

If you can't produce or fit the need of the team, then it's time to move on.

That's the team's decision, and not the individual player's.

Cause 53 and 32 went on to have many more incredible seasons on other clubs and we never really found replacements.

I know id rather have Davis over Lumsden right now…

tisk tisk, agendas.

Sarcasm Alert, Sarcasm Alert!

I am going to agree with black_lobster all the players mentioned did not have much left at all...and as for citylegend member 53# joe monford and davis are far from being ( two of the greatest tiger-cats ever. ) your only as good as your attitude will allow you to be . A great season dont always equal a great career..( great posts by the way

Your Kidding Right ?
Davis dose not have the Break away Speed Jesse has.
He also not very Big Threat coming out of the back field on passes. Jesse is one.

I agree Jesse Durability is a question mark

Personally If Was Davis and Lumsden in Hamilton now
Lumsden would be the starter.
No Question in my mind about that .

I like Collie to start personally
With Jessie coming in 2nd and 5 or more.

2 more names would Grover Covington & Mike Walker
If memory serves me Mike was sent packing to Edmonton & Grover was just released.

Ummm yeah I think he was.

Thus the sarcasm alert

Get your Jason Maas jersys at centre mall for 75% off right now!Oh yah I forgot no one cares about Jason Maas!:wink: LOL

How about Danny Mac.
He was not only a pros-pro while here, he gave freely of his time and money to many local charity's.

I think there should be a place for Ozzy in the organization as well. Even just as a guest coach in pre-season.

We only need so many coaches.