TiCat Granny Robbed

I have just read a few of the posts praising a lot of issues. I must report this unfortunate incident in the hopes that the people responsible will return the object in question.

After the game, I came home and had fun with the fans (Hamilton & Toronto) and then proceeded to put the decorations on my house and garage away. When I went to put the sign on the garage away, it was GONE.

Some people came up to me and said a guy with a beer took the sign and jumped into a white vehicle. I hope he enjoys disappointing the children and fans of all teams.

It is devastating to be robbed at any time but a lot of time and effort has gone into this fun. The children and fans sometimes make special trips to view the house at Beechwood and Connaught. I can make another sign but the mini helmets are no longer available I think.

TiCat Fan Forever

Jerks will be jerks. I'd leave it with a representative of the Ticats to see if those things can be replaced. I don't think they would want to see a mini-shrine to the Ticats taken out of public view, nor allow their little fans to suffer, on account of an inconsiderate person's actions.

Sorry to hear that someone tampered with your home display......I've seen some great ones in the neighbourhood there.

I wonder if this is the culprit ? :cowboy:


OMG mikey.. I almost fell out of my chair watching that it was funny as hell.. .some peoples children!!

The Ticats look like that guy. :expressionless:

The correct thing to do is to go to practice tomorrow and tell that to the team in person :wink:


.......just sayin' :cowboy:

People can be such trash. I'm sorry that some idiot decided to take what didn't belong to them and ruin it for others. That sense of entitlement these days really frustrates me. We go out of our way to decorate for the holidays and have had both our Santa (from his sleigh...happy figment??) and Baby Jesus (from the Nativity) stolen. It almost makes you not want to make the effort. I hope you're able to recover what you lost.

coulda been worse. they coulda taken him from his SLEIGH!

Everyone is a critic. I'll have to keep my eye on your posts from now on, figgy. We'll see how you do. :wink:

PS...it's a tad ironic that I used a word that means kill. :smiley: