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Ron Lancaster deserves better than a demotion

Bruce McNall

Bruce McNall? Have you been sharing "Beverages" with Turkeybend?

I was joking. Hamilton's problem starts from the top. Bob Young should sell the team to somebody who has an understanding of how football works.

I knew you were kidding.

I like Eric Tillman as GM.

I'm not sure it a demotion, he is now senior directer of football operations

Essentially what they've done is divide the GM's job into two jobs: one to find the players, and another to sign them to contracts.

The two parts of the job require very different skills, and it's actually smart to have Lancaster focus on the part of the job he's best at, and bring in a business guy to do the contract negotiations.

This won't have an immediate impact on the team's on-field fortunes, but will hopefully help with recruiting and scouting, thus helping the team in the future.

I think Bob Young is doing a better job than any other owner of any CFL team, past or present. Without a win, with the playoffs quickly slipping from their grasp, they're still getting about 29K per game. Phenomenal!

HAMILTON..............just needs to have some recievers that can catch the............NO QB................or coach.........can win games.....if their recievers suck..........RON was the fall guy here.But he has class..................

Excellent move, Ronnie is no GM in today's world, too old and grumpy. But he is still valuable with scouting and such. For sure, a demotion, but a demotion he relishes at 65 or 66 years of age and someone who has health problems.