TICAT game in Calgary

Hi all,, just wondering who will be at the Stamps / TICAT game June 29 in Calgary :cowboy: ?

I will be wondering around the tailgaters :rockin: with my Ticats white away 88 jersey .... unless i get that new gold jersey in time :smiley:

wanna take me with you:)ill be there then! :rockin:

I'm moving there August 1st.....So I'll miss the game, as well as the last half of the season in Hamilton. :....( <- me crying.

I'm a two and half hour drive away and I've booked the day of work. I WILL be there.

Where are you coming from jlshooter ?
I am driving down from edmonton ( home of the stanely cup riots )

Keep an eye open for me too. White Craig Yeast jersey. Section O.

I bet I am coming farther than you Hammer and JL.
I will be heading at the game in an away Barrenechea while making it back out west for my b-day.
Now I need to figure out where to sit.

Hammer, I'll be driving down to Calgary from Edmonton as well. And yes this town is nuts with the Oilers, even here in the west end.

Carpman, you may be coming from father for that game, but I usually make it to all five western Ti-Cat game each year. And every other year to one or two Ti-Cat home games. This year however it looks like my trip to southern Ontario will be just after the Ti-Cats last regular season game and of course I will be gone before the first round of playoffs. DANG!

I think I'll go;-)

Long live the forbidden chant!

It will be interesting to find out if Maas will join the Thursday night shooters club as we celebrate our victory.

I just put two and two together and found out that I will be in Calgary on business at the time of this game!

Now that I know that, I am going to try to go, although I'd rather not be by myself!

Thursday night shooters club?

not sure where i am sitting yet but i will be in a white MAAS jersey, flying in on the 29th from the HAMMER

TICKETS are now available as ticketmaster has released all the seats for sale . Orginally only the super whites were available today and the rest on sale June 19.
Ironically i just got free tickets in section D !

I'll be there too, driving up from Lethbridge.

I'm heading up from Lethbridge as well. Picking up my best friend from Brockville at the airport, then straight to the game. Are there any sports bars that offer a shuttle to the game?

Just got my tix. Section O, Row 10.
I'll be there with my away Barrenechea jersey.
1st timer, should eb a real blast.
But I will find out in January if I can become a lifer.

sounds like fun! I'll see you all there! :slight_smile: