Ticat Free Agency activity 2023

Looks like Tiger Cats receivers Tim White & Dunbar are heading to free agency..Cats need to get some of their players signed.


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Teddy , age 35 and Micah age 34 are veterans . Here's 2 old warriors who will still be doing it in the Super Bowl ... 93 Ndamukong Suh NT 6-4 313 1/6/1987 (36) 13 Nebraska
98 Linval Joseph DT 6-4 329 10/10/1988 (34) 13 East Carolina

My point is that older players can be the glue that holds a championship team together .


But, they need glue to hold THEMSELVES together at this point...

Rotational players at best, but no longer starting material.


Do you want to tell them that, up close and personal . :laughing:


Teams serious about winning championships cant afford, literally and figuratively, to be carrying people on basis of age and experience. Teams have to get the most out of every position and contract. If youre not effective youre taking up a roster spot.


Yeah its utterly ridiculous ticats haven't re-signed a single pending free agent by now

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They've, actually, signed 2 players who were pending free agents -- Kyle Wilson, in late November, before the league put together it's list, for '23, of such players and, of course, Bo.

As I finished typing the above, I see that they've just announced the signing of third -- Myles Manalo.

I agree about Ted, but Micah was an All-star again last and had an amazing second half of the season. We were the best against the run during the regular season.


Any interest in A.C. Leonard?

Johnson was doing what he was supposed to be doing as a Dlineman during second half of season. Invisible in the first half. Re-signing him is highly debateable.

Tell that to the Eagles . They'll probably win the 2023 Super Bowl with aforementioned DTs plus 98 Robert Quinn DE 6-4 264 5/18/1990 (32) 12 North Carolina , 55 Brandon Graham DE 6-2 265 4/3/1988 (34) 13 Michigan and 91 Fletcher Cox DE 6-4 310 12/13/1990 (32) 11 Miss. State


I agree it is 50/50. If we can upgrade I'm all for it.

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Can only assume theyre still impact players.

You obviously haven't watched the Eagles play .

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So an incompetent Eagles management are tying up roster spots with aging but sub par players in the hopes for some kind of veteran saavy ? Thats what HAM does now.

sorry time part ways with Ted..


And the above, folks, is why we end up 8 and 10 more times than not...

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It is always a tough decision to part ways with fan favorites when they have outlived their shelf life. Smart teams and successful business hire young hungry employees and do not operate on emotions. I like to remember great players when they were at the top of their game.


I'm Not counting Bo since he wasn't a pending free agent for the ticats prior to the trade but yes Technically Bo counts . Wilson isn't on the cfl official free agency list so doesn't count .
So Technically 2 now Myles is on the list .

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Compared to other teams like redblacks for example Ticats are behind on re-signing players / actually trying to improve right now .