Ticat football guys, great job!

For the record: all the credit goes to the Ticats football management team who figured out who they needed and and went out and made it happen.

In particular GM Marcel Desjardins' very careful husbanding of resources under the CFL Salary Cap rules gave the 'Cats an advantage that the rest of the CFL could not match.

I'm as excited as anyone here to see what this team will be able to do, now that Coach Taaffe has the Qb he wanted.

Cheers, Bob.

Interesting, this is the QB that TAFFE wanted. Well then, no more excuses Mr.Taffe, just WIN!!

I still have to say, Thank You Bob, you and your team have made a lot of people happy today. I for one, am very excited.

It's amazing that even in another sad year Bob can make us smile and beat our chests!
Thanks to ALL parties involved for the efforts.
Maybe we can get ALL fans to keep believing and keep the faith

Eat 'em Raw!

I'm very relieved that someone other than myself sees the value in what GM Desjardins has been doing.

I see the plan and he would have been dumb to think the Ticats were going to be 'world beaters' this year...he has slowly started to get some quality people in here who are forming a good nucleus.......from scratch...(Moreno, McKay-Loescher etc)

And like you just noted, the cap room was there so we could be competetive on a day like this in order to make a good strategic move...

Great work Marcel!

Congratulations Marcel, Scott, Craig... and Bob too (don't be afraid to take some of the credit... you're always ready to absorb a share of the blame when things don't go so well). Great work by all.

This gives us so much to look forward to, for the rest of this season and the years ahead. Maybe it's a 6 or 7 year plan instead of 5, but what a great ride!

ps.....any chance of the Tiger-Cats poaching Christopher Dean back into the day-to-day ops?

Perhaps as "President" ?


(excuse my wishful thinking) :cowboy:

congratulations to the whole ticat nation, the organization, Management, Coaches, team players & faithful fans

Bob very very classy, Pinball very little class.

Thanks Bob, Marcel etc! Onwards and upwards.

Biggest signing since McManus and Flutie. Thank you Marcel, good job!

So, does Dylan get a raise now for being the "hydration technician" ?

(sorry Bob, I'm always looking out for the little guy on the totem pole) :wink:

this is hilarious. if we rewind back to May....say around the time of the big kickoff bash....all the talk was about how Jason was healthy and they had lots of good young players, etc etc. Not to mention about how amazing Taafe is as a coach, etc.
Amazing coaches are determined by their ability to get the most out of what they have to work with. Great coaches take underrated players/teams and make them into winners.
Jim Leyland is a great manager in baseball. He took a bad tigers team and turned them into a World Series team. Joe Torre on the other hand, is nothing special. He gets a stacked team handed to him. If Taafe is as great as they say, he shouldnt need Marcel to go out and load up on superstars to be successful. Anyone can coach a team of amazing players. Taafe has already failed this season.

Bob you have great optimism and you've proven yourself to be an innovative and successful businessman, but i dont think you know enough about football. Thats a big problem in pro sports....big rich businessmen buy teams as a hobby and dont know jack about the sport.

Great decision today by the Mgmt team.
And very,very necessary on all fronts.
Onwards and upwards...

a Great Job by all in Ticat Land.

(Caretaker) For the record: all the credit goes to the Ticats football management team who figured out who they needed and and went out and made it happen.

In particular GM Marcel Desjardins' very careful husbanding of resources under the CFL Salary Cap rules gave the 'Cats an advantage that the rest of the CFL could not match.

Obviously, we owe the afore mentioned a vote of thanks for their tactics and plain hard work, but Caretaker, as usual your humility supersedes the person you really are.
Most of our thank go to you for doing so much, particularly this season, to make our team successful.

Now that you have filled the most important position on the team, Charlie and his assistants can get busy to make sure this team plays better football, particularly on offense.

It's no secret, there remains work to be done on this team, but securing the best QB in the country is a great start.

I truly look forward to good fortune in the years ahead.

This is why the Tiger Cats are fortunate to have Marcel on board as General Manager. This team is starting to look very sweet. As for Bob, this is not possible without you. Today is a great day for our beloved Tiger-Cats. Good luck the rest of the way.

are they gonna be selling printers jerseys at games?..

i wanted a white lumsden jersey at labourday, but they only sold black, for some reason.

i wouldnt mind a white printers jersey.

This signing immediately makes our team 100% better.
I can't remember a bigger signing in Hamilton, ever....it's bigger than the McManus signing.
You'll now see the other players turning their play up a few notches with Printers now in town. Other player will now want to come here. Maybe they were hesitant before.
In one week we've gone from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs.
Cat pride is back. :cowboy:


Finally a smart move by Ticat management. Having been a fan of this club since 1968, I personally have little confidence in Mr Desjardins. I believe in the theory that we needed youth to rebuild this team, but at the same time, those young players need guidance from more experienced players. I think instead of handing Mike and Rob a set of golf clubs on Sunday, they should have been told to get in the locker room and suit up.
I know there's alot of people on this forum that will tell me to "get over it", but letting those two guys go was the stupidest thing Marcel could have done. One of our biggest problems is in the defensive backfield ( made very obvious on Monday ), and there was the best defensive back (still in game shape I might add) since Garney Henley standing there at halftime in street clothes.
I appreciate your efforts with this team Bob, but there's been alot of mistakes made by people who are supposed to know what they're doing.
Here's to hoping we turn the corner and Casey.....WELCOME ABOARD !

This would be “sweet”: bring back the old uniforms with the yellow helmets for a few games and gauge the response. (not a fan of the all gold jersey) I’m sure it will be huge. Printers, Lumsden, Armour, or Moreno’s names on those shirts. I’ll buy one!!! or 2!!