TiCat fans, Vote Now for Replay of Game

8) Just a heads up to TiCat fans, TSN2 will rebroadcast the CFL fans choice, game of the week on Tuesday night at 9pm.
   You have to go to the TSN CFL page to cast your vote, if you want to see the Cats / Riders game.

    Right now the Cats game is tied with the Esks / Bombers game at 42%.

     Vote now !!!

Of course this will be the ONE time rider fans DON'T vote for their team in an online poll lol

8) You sure are right on that fact, Banshee :lol:

were in the lead 46.2% to 39.7%

CATS WIN .....Tuesday 9:00 pm TSN2 :thup: :smiley:

8) Great news !!