Ticat fans must keep the faith

Anyone who follows the Cats has got to admit it. They are improving so much. Do you remember week one in Calgary? It was some of the worst football I've seen. Compare that to Friday night. They went toe to toe with a team sporting the top offense in the league. Don't let it bother you that the Bombers pulled away in the 4th. Think of the momentum. The fan noise was incredible. It was the loudest that stadium has ever been - a sellout with every fan going wild after Stegall broke the record. The Bombers responded and played up - they played their best football and only won in the closing minutes.

On the positive, the Ticats found their goto reciever. Chris Bauman stepped in and stepped up. The rest of the recieving core stepped up as well. Also, starting Canadians like Bauman and Lumsden will allow the head office to continue to look for some high octane imports.

I thought Maas played a good game. He seemed to be a great leader out there. My only concern is his range. It is pretty clear he doesn't pose a deep threat and that is a problem because I'm sure every defence in the league has figured this out. Soon they'll find a way to stop the dump passes. Either Maas's arm needs to continue to heal (which I think is still happening) or the Cats need to consider putting in Chang or Williams (In my opinion Williams looked better than Chang for the brief few minutes he was in)

yes but, improving doesn't win football games :expressionless:

:thup: :thup:


I totally agree with your comments.
IMO ~ It's better if the team starts off slow and gets better mid way through the season while the other teams are getting beat up.
Our defense has been inflicting some serious hits and at the same time, we have a younger team that can endure the hits a little better.

Now that Milt Stegal has the record out of the way, LOOK OUT WINNIPEG.


I predict a win for the cats on friday by
at least a TD. count on it!

Last year after the Peg beat us at home 29-0. We went there the next week and beat them pretty thoroughly. I hope history repeats itself.

IT WILL!!!!!!!!!!

i got faith we will win this game friday, if the team can't get it done this weekend then i don't see what other game will be more important for a desperate team.
let me add that i am NOT one of these fans that use that stupid line "as long as beat the argos on labour day"
i hate that so much.

It should, eventually.

this particular team is young and are competing. things can only get better.

hey look on the bright side.
we are already on the bottom.

the only way is up.

i agree keep the faith.
that should be the next song when the Cats come out of the dressing room/ tunnel

So I was talking to a Peg fan who was there. He said that Maas played an awesome game and that the Cats really should have won.

I think we have some issues in the receiving corps but Bauman might just be the answer to that issue. I mean that catch that Stegall made in 4Q ... you'd not see our guys fighting for the ball like that. (Which IMHO is why we have red zone issues).

I'm hoping we get to rout the Peg like Sask did the Eskis on Sat ... 54-14 a ROUT!!!

Wasn't it last year that Burris or Joseph had red zone issues for a while? They got out of it. And we ARE improving and Maas IS improving ... heck when TSN guys are saying Maas looks better and better each game it's saying something!

I'm pretty optimistic after we've, really, blown the last 3 games. TD production still concerns me.

A couple other things concerned me against the Peg. Yeah, the atmosphere was incredible (actually...this game was basically everything I love about the CFL)...but handling crowd noise shouldn't have been that big of a problem.

It seemed like the wides were constantly offside...this, to me, says poor preparation. A penalty here or there, or a used-timeout is understandable--that's the loudest I've heard a stadium on TV in a long while. But, c'mon.

It is a good lesson to us fans how much of a factor we can be on the outcome of a game. (Now, if we just could find something to cheer about!! :slight_smile: )

And overall penalties. What was it...again up around 140, wasn't it? I saw them ripping the Eskimos in the paper yesterday for 79 yards. I wish we'd only get 79 yards.

Anyway, we won't win until that's gets sorted out...I don't care how well everyone plays....and I'm not for a minute suggestion to dial back the aggression out there. I'm really liking the intensity.

my old coach used to tell me if you take a penalty make sure it's full out, i don't mind the aggressive penalties it's the mental ones such as cadence and going offside.

I have complete faith that the Ticats will turn around and beat Winnipeg in their next meeting. It's tough being a Ticat fan right now, but I think our patience and loyalty will be rewarded with some great football and many wins. I saw a lot of good things in the last game, but the boys have to work on their discipline to avoid the penalties that are killing us.