Ticat Fans Laugh at Your Pitiful Threads!

...and cry at our own. While there has been talk of "endless threads" and "zombie threads" on this board and others, I thought I'd point out that the Stadium Talks thread on the Ticat board is up to 9671 posts and 645 mind-destroying pages.

Point being? Award for the most pointless post goes to...


The Passion that unites us all !!

GO CATS GO!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:


Has anybody really been far even as decided to use even go want do look more like?

Did this originally start of as a full paragraph in your head and it somehow got edited down to a single (and I use this word loosely) sentence?

nope. My post makes as much sense as OP's: none. Both are pointless, however, mine was done in more of a mockery of his post.

Well you had to know you were opening yourself up for this comeback with your thread title.
"CFL fans laught at your Ticats Pitiful record in the 21st century".

My word.... such a serious bunch on the main board today. I just thought it would be interesting to those who don't get over to the Ticat board that a single thread could possibly be close to 10,000 posts. I also poked a little fun at our obsession on that board.

Good grief. Have fun guys.

  • And of course I was opening it up some friendly rivalry and mocking. This IS off-season after all.

Just out of curiosity, I decided to see what is CFL Talk's largest thread...and it's a weird one...

US CFL TV coverage(merged)


733 posts, 49 pages

Started May 29, 2008 by rastko, finished February 10th, 2009 by sambo42

Most teams have some "private sector" fanboard that has traffic levels that match or exceed the Ticats forum on this site. For some reason, the league-sponsored/official Ticats forum is the go-to place for Ticat fans in a way that the other teams' cfl.ca sites simply haven't been able to do. Not sure why. But that is not to say that other fans are equally (or more) "vocal" compared. They just seem to do so in different venues than the cfl.ca venue.

I wish the other teams' fans would also support the cfl.ca one as it reflects poorly on the league when their corporate site doesn't appear as active as it could or should.

But people will do what they will do ... My efforts to get riderfans to use this site more - along with the private sites, not in replacement of them - seem to fall on deaf ears. It is a bit chicken and egg. It is more fun to have an active board but it is not very active so it isn't as fun. Somehow, other boards got the momentum early and are now the "market leaders" for their teams.

Another dull response, I know ...

I took a quick look at some of the other boards I'm on. The HF Boards cap their threads at 1000 posts for some reason, but the Phoenix Coyotes saga has 2 'prequel' threads (when the Coyotes financial problems were just a rumour hotly denied by the NHL) 22 bankruptcy threads and 37 post-bankruptcy threads, meaning well over 60,000 posts on the subject! On the Syfy forum, there is one 'shipper' thread with over 12,000 pages, over 240,000 posts (and it's the third thread on the subject).

We have a long way to go to catch up... :smiley:

Is there a "private sector" Ticats forum or is the official site the only game in town so to speak.

I'd like to see more Bombers fans post here as well. It seems a lot of people stick to either the official site or OurBombers and few of those who do post at either or both of those sites migrate here for some reasons.

Your posts dull? NEVER!

There's this one


It doesn't seem to be very active though.

The longest, most pointless thread I have ever seen was titled "Last post wins..." and went on for 99 pages of absolutely nothing before it locked. Horrendous. That's as far as you could take it before it was full. If you really want to know how far the cfl.ca forum can go, you will have to start the same thread here. I don't know if you guys can yap like those Big 12 guys, though. They are relentless.

Here it is:


Wow..... what a waste of bytes.

At least the Ticat thread is about a genuine subject. The whole stadium issue morphed several times and included political, economic, and social issues as well as football. It's actually a kind of fascinating sociological study if one has the time to read it. Right now there IS kind of a sense of keeping it alive to 10,000 posts (as some have noted) as there isn't any real activity on the stadium front.

I lol'd at "So far I'm in front" being the first post. :lol:

I know of a thread that has 33722 pages and a few years old, but its NWS.