TiCat fans, I feel your pain

Ooooohhhhh, I'm in pain after watching my team go down in flames last night. Now I know how TiCat fans feel after that shutout against the Bombers. The Argos didn't go past center field offensively all night. It took the D to score.

Oooooooooooooooohhhhh my head hurts.

An Argo fan

next week should be fun to watch, we both suck! touche.

The only solution for toronto is to fire the coach.

(so we can hire him) :lol:

BF, I wouldn't normally sympathize with the enemy, but you seem like a decent fellow (horrible taste in teams aside). When I finished laughing last night I felt just awful about the loss :smiley: I do feel sorry for you and TOFAN though.

I get to watch the replay on RDS since i missed the game last night. i am finishing off some Nestle Vanilla Fudge Drumstick Ice Cream in preparation for this televisual feast! LOL

Oski Tee Hee,

It may have been a defensive score, but at least your blue team didn't get shut-out.

If anything, recent events are suggesting the TiCats hired the wrong Greg Marshall.

Wins make great painkillers :wink:

You can expect to taste/feel a little pain of your own when the refreshed Tabbies take on the Argo's next week in a "battle for third place" as ghastly as that sounds...

yeah i felt sorry for Toronto last nite.I had to go to the doctors this morning because my stomach was killing me.He told me it was a case of excessive laughing.Sorry just couldnt resist