Ticat fans coming to party with Al's Fans

Hello to our CFL brothers and sisters in Montreal.

There's a bunch of us heading down to the Al's Ticats game next week and we would like to join in a pregame party celebrating Al's and Ticats football and share in some pregame discussion.

So the question is, where is a good pregame place to meet and when does everyone start to arrive?


Well, I have not had season tickets since 2003 but there used to be quite a bit of stuff going on in back of the North side stands (East side). Or, maybe you guys could meet somewhere downtown.
In any case, welcome to Montreal. I'm sure you'll have a good time! I know one of my favorite things when I had season tickets was to meet and chat with fans from other cities.

Montreal on a Saturday night, there's always a party somewhere.

Hopefully, the Als don't beat up on the Ti-Cats too badly :lol:

Ticat fans are partying at the Madhatter Saloon at 4:00 pm on Saturday.

Al's fans are invited to come by and join us in a pregame celebration of Canadian football!

See you then!

MadHatters!!!! LOL!!!!
It's a student dump I mean pub :smiley:
Not that close either, but cheap booze if it's open.
Hope it doesn't rain

I've heard that Hatters is "unique". My apologies for the poor choice...rookie mistake.

To be honest I did internet search and that's what I came up with.

Next year I'll solicite you the Al's fans to help us get a place closer.

I know some of you are already joining us. I hope more are...feel free to join us and come up and introduce yourselves.

This will be a great warm up for Grey Cup next year!