Wow its been a looooooooonnnnnng 6 and a half months for me so much has changed in my life ive moved to a different town and cant say i miss the delapitated sightings of hamilton however theres one thing i did do. And thats remain a ti cat fan and season ticket holder i still cant say thank u enuff to the patients and love for the team that mr young has shown. And finally its time for another ticat season. GOOD LUCK BOYS YOUR ROAD TO THE CUP IN 2011 STARTS TODAY OSKEE WEE WEE

It's Finally Nice to be able to see
what this team will become Starting today and moving forward
today is a good Day .

Not sure that needed to be said but I am happy you remain a fan


Shouldn't the title of this thread have been: "TICATS FANS R U READY?"

Who are these 'enuff patients' and how can we help them?

Was anyone at camp today? Some reports on who looked good (and who didn't) would be greatly appreciated.

Yes it is terrible.
Known cases exhibit extreme skittishness and have trouble cheering.
Other symptoms include strange blood colours of yellow and black.
Sufferers are widely scattered across the globe but with an unusually heavy cluster located in southwestern Ontario, Canada.
Symptoms appear to persist for a decade at a time.
Sadly there is little the traditional medical profession can do for this condition.

Fortunately a new breed of medical practitioners have recently gathered and are working on a cure. With their research headquarters at 75 Balsam Avenue North Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and with temporary research facilities at McMaster University, they have set their goal of beating this disease and distributing the cure on November 27th in Vancouver Canada.

My father caught it as a child in Hamilton - must have been when he lived across the street from a field containing Tigers and other Wildcats - and passed it on to me when I was quite young. Never seems to be a cure, but some years, the symptoms are much easier to live with. I expect that this year should be one of those better years, given the medicines currently under development.

Thanks to those working on the cure!

Nice to have Bob's 1st post the Season and He Never Disappoints :slight_smile: :thup:
Welcome Back Caretaker.

just to clareify with all of yous who dont agree with me i have been a dedicated ticat fan since 1989 and a season ticket holder since 1994. I always lived in hamilton and have and ALWAYS WILL BE A TICAT FAN. It's the negativity of some ppl on this foroum that makes me laugh and again i say ....

that's funny because the only thing negative on this thread was posted by you about Hamilton.