Ticat Fans Are Revolting!

Yes there were the fans were informed by email, so Mr Young is trying to keep the team as close to the Hammer as possible, BUT is that the best thing to do? considering the Ticats relations with Macmaster are down the tubes, Guelph is the closest they could get, IMO better to play some games that are more lucrative and help promote expansion, or even promote the CFL in the U.S.

It is known that the Ti-Cats, as well as the Argos, are the two CFL teams that lose money annually. Mark Cohon said that 75 per cent of the teams were in the black this year. He didn't name names, but everyone knows that the 25 per cent that lost money were the Argos and Ti-Cats.

Its horse manure. Argos made a killing this year, you can segregate the Grey Cup money all they want but Toronto gets its turn at the GC every eight year so you have to factor that in and even if you divide the pie by eight that eight makes the team profitable every Year ! Ticats are bloated, Young is paying through the nose for guys who have not won a damn thing (some ever). Ticats are losing money because they are the pernial losers of the league, look at any pro league and a decade old bottom feeder loses money in just about every league with few exceptions (Cubs, Leafs and the likes).

Your proof that it is "horse manure"? I have Cohon saying so, but I suspect that's not good enough for you. How about the team going bankrupt in 2003 and then the previous owners selling to a guy who owns another team because no one else wanted to buy them? Still not good enough? Show me your proof that the Argos "made a killing this year."

As far as the Ti-Cats, I'm aware of why they lose money and wasn't arguing why, just that they do. Maybe instead of trying to prove you're the smartest person in the room all the time you should read what was written first.

Yeah. I have a hard time fealing bad for them. This whole thing is a debacle and all parties, including the ticats, look bad.

Unfortunately, the bulk of the blame should lie with the previous mayor & other members of council. The team isn't free of blame, but if Fred Eisenberger hadn't clung so stubbornly to a site that would never have been viable (the West Harbour), it's likely that the East Mountain or Aldershot site would have been chosen & there would have been no problem.

Not to mention the fact that after winning the GC in 1999, attendance actually DROPPED. These people who think that a winning team will make the Ticats profitable know nothing about Hamilton or the people who live there. :roll:

To keep your season ticket seniority you need to keep them each year. Everyone knew that the site would be further than Ivory Wynn but it is not an unreasonable distance. So anyone who thought they could skip this season for a venue that is 45 minutes from the current one was not using common sense. I have seen post here where people had said they would just skip next season and wait for the new stadium when the Guelph site was announced. Thats not being very loyal to your team either.
As for springing an extra fee on loyal season ticket holders is just sneaky but fees and prices go up all the time it is a business.
It simply was not handled properly is the problem. You need to treat your fan base with respect and not mislead them in any way as this appears to be the problem.

Come on man ! The Argo's owner made anywhere from 6 to 15 million dollars on this year's GC. How many Argo seasons losing 1 or 2 million (high end) does that cover ? One set of books for Argos operations and one set of books for the GC which is legit but they end up in the same wallet.

So last year, next year and every year after until they host another Grey Cup they'll lose money. They don't get to host the Grey Cup every year (they've hosted two of the last five, but before 2007, they hadn't hosted one since 1992!) and with new stadia in Hamilton, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Regina, the rotation for hosting the Grey Cup just got longer.

How do you know the Argos only lose between one and two million? What if they lose more than that? We don't know the numbers for sure, but why would the commissioner come out and say that two teams are losing money and that not be the truth? It's not doing anyone any favours to say that teams aren't profitable. Cohon isn't Bettman or Stern, where they'll lie in CBA negotiations to try and get as much out of the players as they can. That's not going to happen in the CFL, so I'll take Cohon's word that two teams lost money this year. And not being a dolt, I can safely say that those two teams play in southern Ontario.

Of course there are challenges in Southern Ontario, what I am saying is most of them are caused by teams not being competitive almost yearly for over a decade. I would say that if Hamilton had Montreal’s record the last five years or been to a couple GC and won one there would be waiting lists for tickets. People like a winner and its even more important in competitive markets like southern Ontario. Why do you think MLB lets New York outspend every other team ? Why the Jays just went out and bought half a team from Loria because they understand that. Winning fixes a lot of things.

MLB's luxury tax is a joke to teams like the Yankees and Red Sox. What they want is for teams to spend as much as possible to make the team more "luxurious" with fancy Hollywood type star status for the players. Winning is part of that of course but I don't think the main thing because winning isn't guaranteed. I'm not a fan of how MLB operates, don't like it, it isn't what sport should be about. But those who get off on that crap, go for it. It cheapens the league IMHO because it trying to sell sport through the Hollywood approach way too much.

And there is no revolt in Hamilton, just some genuine concerns for respect for long time season ticket holders with what is going on next year and the new stadium.

Yup certainly having a winning team would draw some extra attention. The salary Cap is still fairly new. The media coverage by TSN is certainly something that is new to the CFL. It is hard to believe that just about 5 years ago was the first time that all of the CFL games where televised on a National level. Record Television audiences have averaged out at about 750k per game since peaking in 2010. A benchmark would be to get to 1 million average would be something to shoot for in the next television deal. TSN did have the option to show some games on CTV but chose not to. This will be something that will be addressed for sure in the upcoming negotiations.

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